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Democracy onAir is a nonprofit, nonpartisan social enterprise that supports the development and hosting of open access and curated networks of elections and governance Hubs... including this Virginia onAir Hub.

Democracy onAir Hubs use a proprietary software platform to aggregate and display all types of content.  Viewing a Hub on a laptop or desktop computer provides an enhanced user experience especially through home page interactive maps.

Democracy onAir focuses on providing a one stop place for all information related to  elected officials and candidates running for office in a state ("Learn" about your elected officials and candidates). Democracy onAir provides many ways to interact with these people especially via streaming video interviews ("Discuss" with your representatives and candidates).

Democracy onAir is developing a network of interconnected elections and governance Hubs. The Virginia onAir Hub is the first Hub we are piloting in anticipation of having an onAir Hub for each state by early 202o to be ready for the 2020 elections.


Democracy onAir collaborates with university-based onAir chapters to oversee the management of its Hubs and related YouTube channels and Twitter accounts. Democracy onAir hosts all its Hubs on its onair.cc domain (the “.cc” reflects the Creative Commons designation for all content onDemocracy onAir Hubs.Democracy onAir also provides whatever design, development, and content support that is required. Democracy onAir shares sponsor and other revenues with its collaborators.

Democracy onAir is chartered as a nonprofit organization in Virginia. Democracy onAir has its 501 C3 status so donations are tax deductible.

State Coordinators

Each state will have five coordinators. Depending on the state’s size, assistant coordinators may also be engaged. The state coordinators will be:

Lead Coordinator who oversees the state’s Hub and onAir chapters, recruit and manage the other state coordinators, and interface with onAir free and premium members.

Chapter Coordinator who recruits, trains, and supervises chapter Curators and organizes local events such as town halls and candidate days.

State Government Coordinator who represents Virginia onAir with state government officials, state senators, and delegates and monitors and curates sessions and committee hearings.

Aircasting Coordinator who supports Curators and politicians with live streaming and interactive chat sessions; trains politician’s and their staffs on how they can do their own Aircasts using their smartphone; manages the Hub YouTube Channel, and oversees the recording and editing of events and other types of Aircasting.

Media Coordinator who interfaces with state oriented news and TV organizations and government-related nonpartisan websites and manages the Hub’s Twitter account. 

Marketing Coordinator who oversees relationships with sponsors, advertisers, and donors and accounting for revenue generated from these sources.

Internship Opportunities

Download (PDF, 47KB)

Founding board members

Todd Gillette, PhD

Todd is a Future Technical Leader at Northrop Grumman. who assists with programming for the onAir Election Hubs. Todd is the visionary behind the Election Hubs concept and the lead programmer of its software. Dr. Gillette has a PhD in neuroscience and BS in Computer Science.  To learn more about Todd, go here. To contact Todd, email him at todd@onair.cc

Scott Joy, Entrepreneur

Scott is the lead UX designer of the EOA software. Scott was founder and Chair of the first tablet computer company to become a public corporation as well as a pioneering P2P Internet company integrating smart phones. To learn more about Scott, go here. To contact Scott, email him at scott@onair.cc

Meredith Cary, PsyD

Meredith is a a Clinical Health Psychologist practicing in Washington DC and a behavioral sleep specialist associated with Medstar Georgetown University’s Sleep Disorders Center. Dr. Cary  leads the development of the onAir Health Hubs. To learn more about Meredith Cary, go here on her professional website. To contact Meredith, email her at meredith@onair.cc.

Jim McLean, Aircast Producer

Jim is the lead designer of our Aircasting system as well as its lead producer. Jim is an Instructional Technologist / Visual Media Specialist at George Mason University and the owner and principal photographer of the Vintage Photographer. To learn more about Jim, go here. To contact Jim, email him at jim@onair.cc.

Notes from Post Curator

My name is Scott Joy. I am the lead curator for this About Democracy onAir post.

If you have any content you would like to add to this post, submit it to me at scott@onair.cc.

If you want to comment directly to this or other Hub posts, you need to be a Virginia onAir Hub member (log in or go here to become a member - name, email address, and zip code required). You will need to follow two simple rules:

  1. Keep your comments as constructive and positive as possible
  2. No personal attacks on the subject of the post or other commenters

If you would like to donate to or sponsor the Virginia onAir Hub or sponsor posts, contact Adia McLaughlin at adia@onair.cc. All donations are made to Democracy onAir – a nonprofit, nonpartisan 5013c organization chartered in Virginia.

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