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Virginia onAir is focused on Virginia federal, state, and local elections and governance.

Select one of the four icons to LEARN ABOUT and INTERACT WITH their elected officials and candidates for office as well as ENGAGE in supporting a more civil and vibrant democracy in Virginia.

For Virginia Residents

The Virginia onAir Hub and on Chapters are provided for Virginia voters including their representatives, candidates running for office, and students at Virginia colleges and universities. The graphic below summarizes many of the outcomes that Virginia onAir and its supporters are seeking to achieve.

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About Hub Content

All onAir Hub content is under a Creative Commons Non-Commerical (CC-BY-NC) license (unless otherwise specified) and is available for re-use by nonprofit websites and blogs . This post will explain further the terms and conditions for re-use of CC-BY-NC content. You can also access this post from the footer on each screen.

Terms of Service

See Terms of Service for more information on how you can re-use Hub content, participate in forums, and view Hub disclaimers.

Privacy Policy

See Privacy Policy to learn about how we don’t use cookies, track your usage, or sell your email address.

About Aircasting

One approach we use to inform and engage Virginians is via our Aircasts. Aircasts are live streamed and recorded videos that include viewer input and are archived in their related posts. We believe that Aircasting is a key component of any elections Hub. Hub visitors can view all the scheduled and archived Aircasts under the “onAir” tab. If an Aircast is streaming at the time that a Hub visitor lands on the home page, then it’s widget will appear and be playing on the home page.

About Democracy onAir

Democracy onAir is a nonprofit, nonpartisan social enterprise that supports the development and hosting of open access and curated networks of elections and governance Hubs… including this Virginia onAir Hub.

Virginia onAir Members

Virginia onAir membership is free for all Virginia residents

Your real name and any other profile information will not be displayed unless you choose to do so. Your personal information is NOT shared with any other website or organization.

Premium memberships cost  $8 per month and enable one to:

  1. Have a full member profile post
  2. Have the ability to author new posts on issues and co-author existing posts
  3. Get preferential treatment at Chapter events

Virginia onAir Supporters

Other ways to support the Virginia onAir Hub and chapter events becoming a Donor, Sponsor, or Advertiser.

For Representatives and Candidates

Representatives and candidates running for office can participate in this Hub in a number of ways including: They can participate in this Hub in a number of ways including:

    • Answering questions from Hub members about their experience, districts, and relevant issues (answers will appear in the appropriate post(s)
    • Answering questions from Hub members about their experience, districts, and relevant issues (answers will appear in the appropriate post(s)
    • Provide new content and feedback to curators of their profile and other related posts
    • Inform potential voters of upcoming events
    • Contribute videos to the Hub’s YouTube channel and pictures to the Hub’s Instagram account
    • Promote the Hub and specific posts to constituents

If representatives and candidates choose to be an advertiser of their District’s posts, they will receive a post to promote their candidacy and the issues that are important to them.

We reserve the right not to include candidates in this Hub if they espouse positions that the Elections onAir Directors and Advisory Board consider beyond democratic norms… such as promoting violence against any person or group.

Notes from Post Curator

My name is Tim O'Shea. I am the lead curator for this About Virginia onAir post.

If you have any content you would like to add to this post, submit it to me at tim.oshea.120@gmail.com.

If you want to comment directly to this or other Hub posts, you need to be a Virginia onAir Hub member (log in or go here to become a member - name, email address, and zip code required). You will need to follow two simple rules:

  1. Keep your comments as constructive and positive as possible
  2. No personal attacks on the subject of the post or other commenters

If you would like to donate to or sponsor the Virginia onAir Hub or sponsor posts, contact Adia McLaughlin at adia@onair.cc. All donations are made to Democracy onAir – a nonprofit, nonpartisan 5013c organization chartered in Virginia.

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