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Virginia onAir membership is free for all Virginia residents

Your real name and any other profile information will not be displayed unless you choose to do so. Your personal information is NOT shared with any other website or organization.

Your Hub activity is not tracked or shared. To learn more about Virginia Elections Hub privacy policy, go here.

Hub membership will enable you to:

  • Comment on any Hub post,
  •  Interact directly with Post Authors and Curators giving them feedback, content suggestions, and asking questions,
  • Participate in forums, research studies, and polls,
  • Give recommendations in representative and candidate posts,

At the current time, Hub membership is by invitation only. Contact Hub Coordinator Scott Joy at to request membership.


Virginia onAir Members login by selecting the silhouette icon at the upper right of your screen. Enter your user name and password.  To change your password, select “Edit Account” in drop down and enter your “New Password” and “Repeat New Password”.

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