Connor Claytor

I am a senior at George Mason University where I am majoring in Marketing.

I am the student marketing manager at GMU for the Office of Student Involvement

Grace D’Amico

Content Coordinator:  Virginia Elections Hub and Elections onAir


I am responsible for overseeing the content in the posts on candidates and their districts. For the next month or so, I will be curating the content for Districts 1, 8, 10, and 11. I will also be starting profile posts on Virginia state senators and delegates.

Kim Jaramillo

Senior:  major in Government and International Politics and minor in Data Analysis, George Mason University Schar School of Policy and Government
Hub Coordinator: Elections onAir

My internship with the Virginia Elections Hub is to progress my interest in public participation and policy and to contribute to the research and curation of reports.

I am highly organized, detail-oriented, personable, and responsible. I have acquired skills in group facilitation, time management, logical thinking and conflict resolution. I am adaptable, quick to pick up new skills and eager to learn more from my peers. 

Through my hands-on experiences, I am proficient at maintaining and promoting customer service by greeting and serving visitors and guests in a courteous and efficient manner, both in person and on the phone. I have also developed a friendly, outgoing, and guest service demeanor through my experiences in sales.

Location: Fairfax City, VA

Nick Soteriou

Senior: Government and International Politics major with a double minor of International and Comparative Politics, and Sociology
Treasurer: Schar Undergraduate Student Organization (SUSO)
OnAir Chapter Coordinator and Curator: Virginia Elections Hub

As far back as I can remember I have always been interested in government at all levels, from the local level to the federal level. So much so that I have considered a career in field of government since childhood. In addition to this, over the past couple of years I have become increasingly interested in the role of elections and electoral policy, and how it shapes the government of the United States. As such, I believe that I have the necessary background knowledge and drive to actively participate in this internship, and both contribute to and get as much out of it as possible.
Location:  Springfield, VA

State Delegate - Vivian E. Watts
State Senator - George L. Barker
US Congress - Don Beyer

Sarah Beavers

Senior: Schar School of Policy and Government, George Mason University
Aircasting Coordinator: Virginia Elections Hub

Teddy Porter

Senior: George Mason University majoring in Government and International Politics, minoring in International Security and Chinese
Curator: Virginia Elections Hub, 10th Congressional District

I have always been interested in the domestic politics especially the upcoming midterm elections. I believe that the right to vote is the most important form of expression as a citizen to this country. Through working Election OnAir I hope to broaden my knowledge on my states politics.

Location: Springfield, VA

Zach Villegas

Senior: Virginia Commonwealth University with a double major in Homeland Security and Criminal Justice
Lead Curator: Virginia Elections Hub and Curator 4th Congressional District

My name is Zachery Villegas and I am student at Virginia Commonwealth University set to graduate a semester early this December. I am double majoring in Homeland Security and Criminal Justice, but have had many experiences in public policy that have sparked my interest in government and politics.

Social MediaLinkedIn page

Location: Richmond, Va.

State Delegate - Jeffrey M. Bourne
State Senator - Glen H. Sturtevant Jr.
US Congressman - Donald McEachin

Jane Curran

Sophomore: Political Science Major and Communications Minor at Virginia Tech
Curator: Virginia Elections Hub

Politics has always been a passion of mine which has been enhanced with my early major related classes. In today’s digital society there are numerous outlets to learn about the election process. However, many of these outlets are driven by profit or political gain.

Elections onAir provides a valuable non-biased forum for Virginia citizens and I look forward in assisting the organization with my proficiency in social media, interpersonal communication skills and passion for politics.

Social MediaLinkedIn

Location:  Blacksburg, VA

State Delegate - Chris Hurst
State Senator - John Edwards
US CongressMorgan Griffith

Maria Liberi

Sophomore: Political Science Major at Virginia Tech
Curator: Virginia Elections Hub

I am currently a student at Virginia Tech studying political science with a concentration in National Security and Foreign Affairs. I am intrigued by politics multi-dimensions and want to enhance my knowledge of local, state, and federal government.  I am also seeking to challenge myself to network and apply my education in the professional world.

Receiving the opportunity to work for Elections onAir serves as the perfect vehicle to aid my passionate pursuit of Virginia politics. I am thrilled at to be able help the non-profit organization achieve their goals of engaging the Commonwealth of Virginia's constituency to learn, discuss and vote.

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