Tips for Aircasters


Using this Hub

We have designed this Hub to be easy and intuitive as possible to use.  All viewers need to remember to find content is to:

“Select teal circles, rectangles, text, and icons”

When most teal circles and teal rectangles are selected, they open multiple possible actions. When blue text and blue icons, they usually do one action.

Most color blind people can distinguish the teal and blue colors from the level of shading. For those with more severe blindness issues, an audio-based user experience is coming next year.

Tips for Authors

After you login to edit your posts, select the “Author” tab to see all the posts you can edit or go to the post directly then select the pencil icon at the top of the Table of Contents.

Tips for Curators

Curators perform a number of functions for a Hub including: Editing Hub Overviews, Curating Author posts, Creating New Posts, and Curating a Hub’s Twitter account and YouTube Channel.

There are many benefits to curating a Hub.

Curator Benefits

  • Help develop key overviews for their profession
  • Do starter profiles for a Hub Directory on the key organizations and people in the field
  • Communicate with the key organizations and people in the field (and potentially collaborate with and find grants and positions)
  • First to see the latest and best knowledge related to their interests
  • Assist authors with improving their communication of their research and practice through posts and Aircasts
  • Help promote your field through the Hub, its posts, and newsletters that have the most current and best content
  • Earn income through revenue sharing with Open Networks based on sponsor, exhibitor, and other revenue.

Tips for Hub Managers

Adding and Editing Categories
Editing Menus
Finding and engaging Site sponsors
Adding a post to your Home Page
Adding Hub Members
Managing Curators
Managing Show Directors
Managing Hub YouTube Channel

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