Rubye Egley, VT

Junior: Virginia Tech with a major in Public  Relations and a minor in Business Leadership
Curator: Virginia Elections Hub

I am very passionate about Virginia politics and hope that my partnership with Elections onAir will give me experience informing the public about local politics as well as creating dynamic political content.
Location: Blacksburg, VA

Curating: US House District 6
US Congressman - Morgan Griffith

Ariadne Manikas, VT

Junior: Virginia Tech, majoring in Multimedia Journalism and minoring in Political Science
Curator: 5th Congressional District

I am passionate about Virginia State politics and educating the public on candidates and their voting rights. I am studying to become a professional political communicator and am excited to put my skills to good use and gain experience in my field.

Social Media: LinkedIn

Location: Richmond, Va.

State Delegate - Chris Hurst
State Senator - John Edwards
US Congressman - Morgan Griffith

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