VA Politics > June 17-23, 2019

  • Why the last Democrat in the Va. legislature endorsed by the NRA says he now backs gun control efforts
  • The number one form of gun violence in Virginia isn’t homicide. It’s suicide
  • Supreme Court upholds Virginia’s ban on uranium mining
  • Supreme Court rejects Republicans’ appeal in gerrymandering case
  • Terry McAuliffe: What voters really care about isn't what obsesses Washington

VA Politics > June 10-16, 2019

  • After Virginia Tech, survivors advocated for tighter gun laws. Instead they’ve gotten looser
  • Virginia delegation, like rest of U.S. House, splits on party lines on Trump subpoena fight
  • "It’s not a happy election": Primaries see low turnout and confusion over new district
  • Primary Tuesday: GOP delegate felled from the right; Democratic giant barely fends off progressive hopeful; and Morrissey wins (but not from jail this time)
  • Special session on guns could test Virginia Beach delegation
  • Do you have a primary to vote in?
  • VPAP Visualization: How often do voters from one party crash the other party's primary?
  • Democratic legislators call on court to overturn Union Hill permit
  • Solar is powering part of Danville’s resurgence

VA Politics > June 3-9, 2019

> Del. Filler-Corn Awarded for Legislative Excellence - June 3
> McAuliffe Steps In As Virginia’s ‘Surrogate Governor’ For Democrats This Election Season - June 5
> Sen. Kaine: Disturbing pattern of deals with Saudi Arabia - June 6
> A Southwest Virginia primary streetfight mirrors Republican divisions statewide - June 7
> Virginia Explained: State’s primary process is ‘something of a free for all’

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