VA House District 37

VA State House District #37


Description: County of Fairfax (part); City of Fairfax
District Map (PDF)
Current Delegate: David Bulova since 2006 (D)


From David Bulova website

The 37th District, which was re-drawn during the 2011 redistricting session,  is the heart of Fairfax. It takes in all of the City of Fairfax, including the City’s historic downtown district. From there it stretches south to the Norfolk Southern Railroad and west along I-66 and Lee Highway to encompass parts of Centreville.  The district includes several vibrant business districts, attractive multi-family and townhouse developments, and single-family subdivisions with beautiful trees.  According to the 2010 U.S. Census, 80,255 residents live in the 37th District.  There are numerous historic properties like the Blenheim House in Fairfax City (c. 1858-60) and Mount Gilead in historic Centreville (c. 1785).  It is also home to the historic Fairfax Courthouse and the Fairfax County Government Center, which is the county seat for the nearly one million residents of Fairfax County.

The 37th District includes the following public schools: Daniels Run Elementary, Eagle View Elementary, Fairfax High School, Fairfax Villa Elementary, Lanier Middle School, London Towne Elementary, Oak View Elementary, Colin Powell Elementary, Providence Elementary, and Mosby Woods Elementary. Many families choose to live in the 37th District, because of the quality of these schools.

Of course, the largest academic institution located in the 37th District is George Mason University which was originally chartered in 1960, and now has grown to the largest university in Virginia’s world-renowned higher education system. The interaction between the university students and the local population makes the 37th an unusually great place to live.

Recent Election Results

2017 State Delegate for District 37

David L. Bulova (D)18,87793.53%
Write In1,3056.47%

2015 State Delegate for District 37

David L. Bulova (D)7,06557.3%
Sang Hyun Yi (R)5,24942.6%
Write In9.1%

2013 State Delegate for District 37

David L. Bulova (D)11,52660.9%
Patrice Marie Winter (R)7,35338.9%
Write In39.2%

2011 State Delegate for District 37

David L. Bulova (D)7,02159.5%
Brian William Schoeneman (R)4,75240.3%
Write In19.2%

2009 State Delegate for District 37

David L. Bulova (D)12,20967.6%
Christopher Francis DeCarlo ()4,47124.7%
Anna M. Choi ()1,2456.9%
Write In1470.8%

2007 State Delegate for District 37

David L. Bulova (D)13,64798.1%
Write In2691.9%

Source: Virginia Department of Elections

Campaign Finance

David Bulova has run in the past 7 races for District 37 Delegate, winning  all 7 of them. Bulova has raised a total of $1,537,598.
For more details on David Bulova’s campaign finances and other  District 37 candidates: see Follow the Money

News & Events

Cityscene Newsletter

The Fairfax City Cityscene newsletter is published monthly. Previous newsletters are here.

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Fairfax City’s television station is available on cable television (Cox Communications and Verizon) and on the city website. Cityscreen-12 televises City Council, School Board and Planning Commission meetings and work sessions; produces The Fairfax Scene and special programming, including the annual Independence Day parade; public service announcements; and event promotional videos.

Watch Cityscreen-12 here.



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Fairfax City

Fairfax City Government


To see more information about Fairfax City, go here. To view more posts related to Fairfax City, go here.

Fairfax City, officially The City of Fairfax, is an independent city centrally located in Northern Virginia within the separate political entity Fairfax County.  Fairfax City is run by its elected six member city council.

Upcoming Elections

June 11, 2019 Commonwealth Primary 

Offices on the ballot:  Virginia Senate 34th District, Virginia House of Delegates 37th District, Fairfax City and County Commonwealth’s Attorney, Fairfax City and County Sheriff

November 5, 2019 Commonwealth General Election

Offices on the ballot:  Virginia Senate 34th District (Four year term), Virginia House of Delegates 37th District ( two year term), Fairfax City and County Commonwealth’s Attorney (four year term), Fairfax City and County Sheriff (Four year term)


Most of the town of Centreville is part of District 37.  This wikipedia entry will provide some additional information on Centreville.


GMU onAir Chapter

The GMU onAir chapter is the first and model chapter for Virginia onAir.

Chapter Coordinator: Adia McLaughlin-

Undergrad student members are affiliated with a number of GMU schools, departments, and programs including: Schar School of Policy and Government, the Department of Communication, and the Film and Video Studies program. A undergrad student club/student organization has been formed to work in tandem with the GMU onAir Chapter.

GMU grad students, faculty, staff, alumni, and friends of Mason also participate as chapter members. Virginia onAir Hub coordinators will be establishing, over the next year, onAir chapters throughout the state including at VCU, UVA, JMU, Virginia Tech, ODU, and William and Mary.

Go here to see many of the chapter members.

Fairfax High School

Jenifer Hitchcock, AP Government & US History Teacher at Fairfax High School is exploring how high school civics students can help curate content for Virginia counties and cities. Here is more information on Jenifer.



No vacancy: some Northern Virginia communities are deciding they’re full
Greater GreaterWashington by Canaan Merchant  July 11, 2018

Northern Virginia held local elections in May, and population growth was foremost on the mind of many of those running. Some candidates even pondered whether or not there should be a population limit in various parts in the region.

David Meyer, mayor of Fairfax City (a small independent city in the middle of the much-larger Fairfax County), ran unopposed this year like many others on the ballot. Meyer told Antonio Olivo of the Washington Post that too much growth is one of the city’s biggest challenges.

”[Fairfax City] has been mostly focused on the potential effects of a handful of building projects around the city. Among them: a $150 million development near the Fairfax Circle intersection that will replace a long-vacant strip mall with new stores, restaurants and about 400 townhouses and apartments.
“There is an understandable concern among the citizens about how many people should be in the city,” said Meyer, who replaced Silverthorne in a 2017 special election. “The real challenge for leadership is the question of balance, finding that right mix.”


David Bulova Town Hall

When:    Saturday February 2nd at 9:00 to 11:00 am
Where:   Fairfax City Hall Council Chambers at 10455 Armstrong Street (parking in rear of City Hall offices)
Web:       Recorded by Nic Barta for Virginia onAir edited by Ny-jhee Jones.

For more information and for more video of town hall, go to this post.


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