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This Virginia Elections Hub aim is to support a more informed and engaged public and responsive government while facilitating Virginians to run for office at all levels of government.

We have designed this Hub to be easy and intuitive as possible to use.  All viewers need to remember to find content is to:

"Select teal circles, rectangles, text, and icons"

There are many ways Virginians can help make this Hub the Go To place for Virginia election information and communication.

Become a Hub Member: It's easy and free ... Your real name and any other profile information will not be displayed or shared unless you choose to do so. Membership benefits include being able to: comment on posts,  ask candidates questions through post Curators, participate in forums, and curate posts.

Become a Post Curator: Curators help to integrate web content and candidate interactions into posts, moderate comments, and produce Aircasts.

Become a Supporter: You can support this Hub, a District, and/or a single post through your donations, sponsorships, and advertisements.

Hub provides

  • A comprehensive, open access, online platform with curated information about elections such as district boundaries, candidate information, hot issues, recorded debates, how to vote, and how to run for office as well as information on existing offices and officials;
  • Open, civil, moderated online forums with live and asynchronous discussions and Q & A sessions on election-related issues; and
  • An opportunity for students supervised by their faculty and for engaged citizens to create virtual town squares through their curation and moderation efforts


Elections onAir, a non-partisan, nonprofit organization, is overseeing the design and hosting of the Virginia Elections Hub. Elections onAir will be reaching out in the next few months to other non-partisan, democracy promoting Virginia organizations and faculty and students at Virginia university public policy and politics programs to assist us in developing the Hub and curating its posts.

We are planning to launch this Hub in mid-September for the Nov. 6, 2018 Virginia Elections (primarily US House and Senate races). By March 2019, we propose building out the city, county, and state house of delegate and senate sections of the Hub in preparation for the Nov. 5, 2019 elections. The Virginia Hub will also serve as a pilot for the development of Election Hubs for the other 49 states in 2020. Click on the VA icon at the upper left to see links to our future US Elections Hub under development. The North Carolina Elections Hub was cloned from our state Hub template.

Until sponsorship, advertiser, and donor revenue is obtained from Hub supporters, Elections onAir will donate the hosting of the Virginia Elections Hub as well as provide whatever design, development, and content support that is required. Financial support is anticipated from foundations, corporations, individuals, and candidates. This support could be Hub-wide or  within a district (city, county, state house and senate, and US House).  Supporters will receive a post that could have videos, brochures, and other promotional materials surfaced as widgets while Hub users are searching or browsing for information. To see a demo of how district supporters will be introduced to Hub users, go to US House District 11 and select the “Supporters” icon at the upper right of the home page above the “onAir” icon.

Footer Information

CC-BY-NC icon

Selecting the CC-BY-NC icon in far left of the footer (at bottom of web page) takes you to a post about what authors can do with content. All content is considered CC-BY-NC unless otherwise specified.

Terms of Service

See Terms of  Service for more information on how you can re-use Hub content, participate in forums, and view Hub disclaimers.

Privacy Policy

See Privacy Policy to learn about how we don’t use cookies, track your usage, or sell your email address.

Hub and Hub Managers

The footer will have the name and email address of the Hub Managers and Lead Curators.

Social Networks

The Virginia Elections Hub has started its own YouTube channel and Twitter and Instagram accounts. Select the appropriate icon in the far right of the footer to go to the Hub’s specific social network page.

Hub Membership

Any Virginia resident can be a Hub member for free. Once you become a Hub member, you will be able to comment on Hub posts as well as author posts. As long as you are a Hub member in good standing, all your posts will appear in at least one category in the Hub. Your posts are submitted to the Hub’s curators as drafts and they decide where to locate your post(s).

Hub membership enables members to:

  • Curate or Co-curate Hub posts
  • Contribute new posts especially on relevant issues
  • Participate in post forums
  • Ask questions to candidates and elected officials and have their replies posted
  • Ask questions and give feedback to Hub curators

Tips for Viewing this Hub“,” Questions and Feedback for Curators” can be found under the silhouette icon in the header at upper right of the any page.

Participate in Forums and Aircasts


Hub members can participate in any post’s forum. We encourage civil, positive discourse among members.

Forums are moderated by the post’s curator who can delete a comment if he or she deems it inappropriate as well as notify Hub’s Manager of a possible violation of the Hub’s Terms of Service.


Aircasts are live streamed broadcasts of debates, town halls, and other live events. To see  a demo of how current Aircasts will be surfaced and displayed, select the “onAir” icon at the upper right of the home page. Aircasts appear in special posts like the 11th District Debate and Gerry Connolly town hall demo posts. The scheduled Aircast will also appear  in their related posts. For example, the 11 District debate post also is displayed in the 11th district post and in the candidates posts like this demo in the post about Gerry Connolly. Once the Aircast is over, it will automatically be archived in these posts.

Aircasts are also interactive. Hub viewers can ask questions via email prior to an event or during the event via the YouTube chat feature. In the future, this Elections Hub will also connect via video conferencing other locations with the  live event.

Post Curators

Any Virginia resident can apply to be a curator of any Hub post. Most post curators will be college or university students especially government majors. High school government teachers and their students will also be encouraged to participate. Curators will edit content, interface with the people who are the focus of a post and/or can contribute post content, moderate forums, and add new content from the web and submissions.

For Candidates

Candidates can participate in this Hub in a number of ways including:

  • Answering questions from Hub members about their experience, districts, and relevant issues (answers will appear in the appropriate post(s)
  • Provide new content and feedback to curators of  their profile and other related posts
  • Inform  potential voters of upcoming events
  • Contribute videos to the Hub’s YouTube channel and pictures to the Hub’s Instagram account
  • Promote the Hub and specific posts  to constituents

If candidates choose to be an advertiser of their District’s posts, they will receive a post to promote their candidacy and the issues that are important to them.

We reserve the right not to include candidates in this Hub  if they espouse positions that the Elections onAir Directors and Advisory Board consider beyond democratic norms… such as promoting violence against any person or group.

For Prospective Supporters


Only Nonpartisan, nonprofit organizations can become Hub-wide sponsors or sponsor specific districts – cities, counties, state house and senate as well as US House districts.  To reiterate, to see a demo of how district supporters will be introduced to Hub users, go to US House District 11 and select the “Supporters” icon at the upper right of the home page above the “onAir” icon.

Every Hub sponsor will get a post where they can highlight their candidacy or their organization. Depending on the amount of your donation, you will be able to store your videos on the Hub (YouTube and Vimeo hosted videos are included with your post.


Campaigns, political organizations, companies, and individuals can support this Hub through the Hub and District advertising pop-up widgets.


Minimum donation is $5 per month or a one time contribution of $50. Larger sponsor donations will receive greater prominence in the districts they want to be visible.

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