Being a Virginia onAir Member


All that is required to be a Virginia onAir member is your first and last name, an email address, and your zip code.

  • Your real name and any other profile information will NOT be displayed unless you choose to do so.
  • Your personal information is NOT shared with any other website or organization.

Hub membership will enable you to:

  • Comment on any Hub post,
  • Interact directly with Post Authors and Curators giving them feedback, content suggestions, and asking questions,
  • Participate in forums, research studies, and polls,
  • Give recommendations in representative and candidate posts,

At the current time, Hub membership is by invitation only. Contact Nader Momtaz at to request membership. Membership will be available to all Virginia residents on Oct. 25, 2019.

To learn more about this Hub’s features and the organizations supporting this Hub, go to this About Virginia onAir post.


First Name ________________    Last Name ___________

Email Address: ____________________

Zip code: _________________



Virginia onAir Members login by selecting the silhouette icon at the upper right of your screen. Enter your user name and password.  User names are in most cases first initial and last name – all lower case and one word e.g. Bob Smith’s user name would be: bsmith.

To change your password, select “Edit Account” in drop down and enter your “New Password” and  then “Update account”.

To add your profile information (coming soon), Fill in biographical info and profile picture, then “Update account”.

If you want to obtain a member post where you can add images, videos, and other content in the Hub post format with a table of contents, you will need to become an onAir Chapter or premium member (see below).

Feedback & Questions

If you have any feedback or questions about the Hub content, email Virginia onAir Hub Curation Director: Yasmin Jaramillo at


If you are a member of the press or other media organization,email your questions about the Virginia onAir Hub to our Outreach Director: Katlyn Weiser at


If you have any general feedback or questions about the Virginia onAir Hub, email our Operations Director: Nader Momtaz at


About using this Hub

We have designed this Hub to be easy and intuitive as possible to use on large screen, internet-connected displays such as on laptops as well as smart phones. 

Both large screen and phone displays have the same four icons on their home pages.


Who Represents Me

Selecting this icon will enable the user to view their federal and state representatives. Enter your full street address (no zip code) then select the search icon. On a large screen, you can cycle through each representatives by selecting their name and see their content in their widget at the left. A summary is the first content you will see. If you want more specific information, click on the tabs e.g. “About” then “Overview”. If the politician has a Twitter account, select “News” then “Twitter” to see their twitter feed. 

                        To view all the politician’s information at one time, select the feature image above the title. In a large screen view, you will find a persistent, two-level table of contents.

Being a Virginia onAirMember


Browse Hub Content

Selecting this icon will enable the user to browse most of the Hub’s content. Note: Some content and display modes are only available on large screen displays. Select the category you are interested in until you see widgets appearing. Selecting the “Up” arrow to go back up one level. 


Search Hub Content

Selecting this icon will enable the user to Search all of the Hub’s content. Enter your keyword(s) and view summaries of your search results. Select the post title to view the post’s content.

View Aircasts & Videos

Currently selecting this icon will enable the user to view previously recorded videos. Coming soon, users will be able to view politician video interviews, aircasted (live streamed video with chat questions) events like the Candidate Day scheduled for Oct. 25, aircasted politician updates, and live streams from the General Assembly and Congress. 

All posts, when the Hub is launched publicly on October 25,  will have a discussion feature that will enable Hub members to comment on posts, ask questions, make suggestions, and give endorsements.

On large screen displays, users can view and interact with additional content such as:

  • Interactive maps on the Home page
    For example, selecting the US House rectangle at the upper right of the home page brings up an interactive map of US House districts. Select the district you are interested in to view information about the district as well as its representative’s post and other related posts.
  • Category slide shows
    Selecting a tab under the heading to view drop down menus of the categories within that tab. Select the “Home” tab for the overview post(s) related to the category. Categories can be viewed as slides or as widgets.

Privacy Policy

Your Hub activity is NOT tracked or shared. Simply visiting the Virginia onAir Hub also does not expose your identity publicly. 

To learn more about Virginia Elections Hub “Privacy Policy”, go to this post.

Term of Service

All content in this site is under the Creative Commons Attribution- NonCommercial license which permits content sharing and adaptation as long as proper attribution is given to its author(s) and is used for non-commercial purposes.

To learn more about Virginia Elections Hub “Terms of Service”, go to this post

To learn more about “Creative Commons” licenses, go to this post.

Curation principles

The Curation Principles provide guidelines for how Democracy onAir determines the permissibility and impermissibility of speech and content on the Virginia Elections & Governance Hub and future hubs. These principles are meant to encourage civil and honest discourse without allowing for harassment or threats to personal safety.

To learn more about Virginia Elections Hub “Curation Principles”, go to this post.


Being a Chapter Member

The most important supporters of Virginia onAir are the undergrad students who are members of the onAir chapter at their Virginia university or community college. The GMU onAir Chapter is the  first and model chapter for Virginia onAir and other state Hubs.

Any Virginia resident can be a member of an onAir chapter although it is anticipated that undergrad majors in government and communication will be the primary chapter participants through internships, courses, student clubs, and student government. Chapter members can:

  •  Curate politician and issue posts
  •  Moderate post discussions
  •  Aircast town hall shows
  •  Network with political leaders
  •  Intern with Democracy onAir

Other ways to support the Virginia onAir Hub and chapter events include:

  • Donating to the nonpartisan, nonprofit 501c3 Democracy onAir,
  • Becoming a sponsor/advertiser,
  • Purchasing a premium Virginia onAir membership.

Being a Premium Member

Any Virginia onAir member can become a premium member. Premium membership enables you to:

Have a full member profile post
Have the ability to author new posts on issues and co-author existing posts
Get preferential treatment at Chapter events
Premium membership costs $8 per month.


Donating to this Hub

Donors can be any named individual or foundation (no anonymous donations permitted).  Donors can support the entire Hub, a District and all the posts within it, an individual Post, and/or Curator profile.

Checks or wire transfers are made to Democracy onAir.   Democracy onAir has 501C3 status so donations are tax deductible. Contact Nader Momtaz at


Sponsoring this Hub

Any individual and organization such as a government agency, university, NGOs or company can become a sponsor of this Hub. Sponsors can support the entire Hub, any Hub category and all the posts within it, and any individual post.

Checks or wire transfers are made to Democracy onAir. Democracy onAir has 501C3 status so donations are tax deductible.


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