Shuaib Ahmed

My name is Shuaib Ahmed and I am a senior at George Mason University majoring in information technology.  I am leading a team of five other GMU students as part of my IT senior design course to solve business challenges through technology for onAir Networks.

As a member of the GMU Democracy onAir Chapter, I hope to inspire other college students to be better engaged in politics.  I strongly believe that elections have consequences and each and every one of us has a responsibility to be informed citizens in the democratic process.

Caitlin Dickson

My name is Caitlin Dickson and I am a senior at George Mason University.  I am studying Information Technology with a concentration in Security.  I am also a part of the IT 492 Capstone Team, 4Front.

I have a strong interest and willingness to learn more about politics and involve myself with the IT and political aspects of Democracy on Air.

Karanbeer Singh

I am Karanbeer Singh. Senior at George Mason and part of the  IS&T  team.

I am here to assist with the mission of creating a platform that allows citizens to make informed decisions throughout the political process.

Peter Quinn

Hi, I am Pete Quinn. I am a senior at George Mason studying IT with a DTP (Database Tech and Programming) concentration.

I am a member of the IT492 capstone team 4Front and we are doing our project with onAir networks.

Justin Park

My name is Justin Park and I am a George Mason University student that is pursuing a BA in Information Technology with a concentration in Information Security Systems.

I am a member of Team 4Front as a part of the George Mason University Capstone program. I have a strong interest in politics and technology and wish to contribute my efforts to help further the mission of having a free and open democracy.

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