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Democracy onAir, a nonpartisan nonprofit 501c3 social enterprise chartered in Virginia, is developing and hosting the Virginia Elections & Government Hub. This pilot state Hub is a model for our anticipated launch of 49 other state Hubs by the summer of 2020.  The Hub is an online platform that provides a place where interested citizens can go for current information about Virginia city, county, state, and federal elections and government and have the opportunity to interact with candidates, elected officials and their staff, administrators of government agencies, and other engaged citizens. 

Content Curators are tasked with helping turn the Hub into a centralized source of information on local, state, and federal politics. Tasks could include one or more of the following:

  • Coordinating the curation of politician profiles, including background information, policy positions, campaign finances, and recent news
  • Developing other content including Issue Overviews and Event posts
  • Moderating and contributing to online discussions regarding campaigns, issues, and politicians
  • Filming interviews with candidates and politicians for inclusion on the Hub
  • Supporting the development of onAir chapters in colleges and universities throughout Virginia (where applicable)

Applicants should be recent graduates or current undergraduates seeking a degree in government, communications, media, or a related field. However, insofar as people from all backgrounds and careers should be encouraged to participate in the political process, a demonstrated interest in politics and democracy is sufficient no matter one’s academic background. University students who want to intern with Democracy onAir for academic credit can apply at the beginning of an academic period, and hours will be allocated according to the requirements of each academic program. 

Internships are mostly self-directed with regular in person or online meetings. Non-credit interns can sign up at any time and commit to a minimum of one hour per week for at least one Virginia federal, state, or local profile. We would prefer interns that can commit to at least five hours per week. Since much of the internship work is done remotely, reporting agreements will be created to measure the hours that interns dedicate to the project. Interns can continue with Democracy onAir as long as the relationship with Democracy onAir is mutually beneficial. 

Internships are unpaid; however, as the network grows, interns will have an opportunity to apply for part or full-time paid positions with Democracy onAir. 

The primary internship benefits are intended to be career-enhancing:

  • Visibility in your field; potential contact with thought leaders, organizations, and potential employers
  • Skill development in political communication, media, and other position-specific opportunities such as grant-writing, video editing, and team management
  • Career opportunities with higher positions in Democracy onAir and other democracy promoting organizations
  • Flexible hours, commitments, and tasks
  • Potential for individualized projects and skill development

Democracy onAir is proud to be an equal opportunity workplace dedicated to pursuing and hiring a diverse workforce.

To learn more about the project, watch this video and go to the Virginia Elections & Governance Hub at 

If you have any questions, please direct them to:
Katlyn Weiser Virginia onAir Executive Director –

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Become a Sponsor

Any organization or business, such as those shown above, can become a sponsor of this Hub. Sponsors can choose to support the entire organization or state Hub, as well as specific operations, such as a District and all the posts within it, an individual politician Post, or a specific Issue Post. We are particularly interested in sponsoring organizations that seek to support student civic engagement, democratic and civil discourse, and the intersection of technology and government. Foreign owned or affiliated organizations are not permitted to be sponsors of any US onAir Hub.

Hub sponsors will be displayed throughout an onAir Hub and its posts. Hub sponsors can have links to their websites, videos, or request a customized post in the Hub containing information and media of their choice.

For further information about sponsoring, contact

Become a Partner

If your organization would like to partner with Virginia onAir, contact

There are a number of ways to partner with Virginia onAir. The most significant way is to become a Curation Affiliate. Curation affiliates can give their members an opportunity to curate posts by aggregating content, moderating discussions, and conducting aircasts (livestream interviews, town halls, debates, and other events with the ability of Hub members to participate in the livestream directly or indirectly via chat questions and comments.

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