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Student Curation Opportunities

This post’s starting point will be Tim’s Seeking Content Curator Interns

Curating Hub Posts

This post is meant to provide guidelines for the curation of individual politician profile posts as well as other post types. Hub editors and administrators can learn how to create or start new posts by going to this post.

Posts can be updated by clicking on the pen on the top right of the page after logging into your Hub account. For all post updates, ensure that you click ‘publish’ on the post before exiting the window, or all added information will be lost.

In case you have any questions or concerns, please contact Yasmin Jaramillo, Democracy onAir Content Director at:

Creating Hub Posts

Creating a Hub post requires no programming expertise. Only Hub editors and admins can create new posts. Hub editors and admins can see how authors (and they) can curate an existing post by going to Curating Hub Posts.

Notes for Editors:

  • Creating posts can only be done on a display with 1000 pixel width or greater. We highly recommend you use two large screen displays. Use the first display to view posts and other web content. Use the second display to edit a post.
  • If one starts editing a post that is in the process of being edited, notify the other editor before taking over editing the post since all their new in process edits will be deleted if not updated.
  • After completing your edits, make sure you publish them and then “View the post”. After 24 hours you will be logged out of the Hub without your knowledge and without any indication from within the edit mode.

In case you have any questions or concerns, please contact Yasmin Jaramillo, Democracy onAir Content Director at:



Discussion software/UX

"Discussions" Overview

> We are adapting BBPress software to enable having topic based "Discussions" for EACH post.

> "Forums" is a word only used by Hub admins. Each post has its own forum e.g. "David Bulova Forum" with at least one default topic called "General". New topics within each post can only be created by Hub Admins within the Dashboard.

Note:  There are no hub-wide forums although "Issue" posts can be viewed as hub-wide forums.

Suggested Action items

1- Change Feedback > "Forum" to "Discussions" sub-heading

2- If possible, automatically create a Forum for each post with its post title as its Forum name and have one default topic "General".

3- Implement, if possible, suggested topic headings for post types (see below and in slide)


Curation Principles

This post is meant to provide guidelines for how Democracy onAir determines the permissibility and impermissibility of speech and content on the Virginia Elections & Governance Hub and future hubs. These principles are meant to encourage civil and honest discourse without allowing for harassment or threats to personal safety. In case of any questions or concerns, please contact Executive Director Tim O’Shea at .

Creative Commons License

All content in this site is under the Creative Commons Attribution- NonCommercial license which permits content sharing and adaptation as long as proper attribution is given to its author(s) and is used for non-commercial purposes.

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