Politician Interviews

Virginia onAir curators will be recording and producing video interviews on candidates for state Senate and House to help Virginia voters learn more about each candidate.

2019 Virginia Election Show

Time: 6-10 pm
Date: November 5, 2019
Lead Producers: Virginia onAir and
Associate Producers: Other Virginia onAir university chapters

What: Reports on election results throughout the state

Model of Video Updates

Democracy onAir will be encouraging officials & their staff to produce regular video updates via what we call “mobile aircasting” i.e. using smart phones & accessories to easily and inexpensively live streaming on YouTube w/chat questions from viewers.

We will be hosting these Aircasts on our YouTube channel and displaying them in specific posts and making them available to be embedded in other websites.

First Tuesday Speaker Series

Speakers:  Annie Holton, Peter Hart, Danny Diaz, Tom Davis, Terry McAuliffe, Karen Tumulty, Robby Mook, and Norman Ornstein

Moderator: Steve Pearlstein, Robinson Professor of Public and International Affairs, George Mason University
Time: 9:00 to 10:30 am EDT
Day: Tuesday October 2, 2018
Place: Fenwick Library Reading Room, George Mason University, Fairfax VA

About Aircasting

Our Aircasts are meant to politically inform and engage Virginians. Aircasts are live streamed and recorded videos that include viewer input and comments, and are then archived in related posts and profiles.

We focus particularly on"Online Town Halls" which are curator-assisted Aircasts.

Using their laptops, elected officials or candidates can Aircast updates, question and answer sessions, and general announcements at any time. These videos can also be archived in a candidate’s profile on the Hub.

Third Party videos

Third Party videos

Speeches, Campaign Videos

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