Politician Interviews

Politician Interviews 2


Virginia onAir curators will be recording and producing video interviews on candidates for state Senate and House to help Virginia voters learn more about each candidate.




Maria Martin Interview

Jasmine Moawad-Barrientos

Liz Guzman

Ibraheem Samirah

Terry Modglin Interview

Heather Mitchell Interview

Jacob Adams sat down with Heather Mitchell, candidate for the VA 2nd House District to conduct an interview.

Marcia Price Interview

Katlyn Weiser interviews Delegate Marcia Price in her office in Richmond.

David Bulova Interview

This interview was Democracy onAir’s first experimental video interview of a politician. Much gratitude to David Bulova for participating in this first effort by Democracy onAir to develop for students an easy to use, pre-formatted template to record, edit, and display their politician interviews.


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