David Bulova Town Hall – 2/2/19

David Bulova Town Hall 2


When: February 2, 2019 11:00 am
Where: Fairfax City Hall Council Chambers at 10455 Armstrong Street (parking in rear of City Hall offices)
Who: David Bulova and Chap Petersen

Recorded by Nic Barta for Virginia onAir edited by Ny-jhee Jones.

Recording of Town Hall


Brief introduction  (0:00 to 0:39)

Introduction of City and County elected officials   (0:40-1:44)

Shout Out to Democracy onAir  (1:45-2:18)

Chap Petersen speaks about Governor Northam’s situation (2:47-4:45)

David Bulova speaks about Governor Northam’s situation (4:46-5:35)

Overview of Virginia’s budget (10:00-12:50)

Virginia’s budget for 2019 (12:51-15:19)

Federal Tax Cuts and Job Act (15:27-21:40)

Proposed legislation for 2019 (23:12-27:15) David’s survey results (27:16-28:45)

Questions and Answers

What happened with the ERA?  (28:55-30:25)

Is there a way to force a bill to come to the house floor? (30:26-31:05)

Would the ERA undermine Title IX?   (31:07-32:28)

With regard to the crossover, is our legislative process a good/effective process? (32:30-36:00)

How big (as a percentage) was the mistake made by DMAS? (36:02-37:51)

If the governor does resign, what is the process that will follow?   (37:52-39:30)

If Lt. Governor Fairfax becomes interim governor, can he run, and succeed himself in the next election?  (39:43-40:00)

Do you have an update for how you feel regarding changing name of the Redskins, or other highways and roads named after former confederate generals?  (40:02 – 45:38)

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