Militias organize, promise to resist

Militias organize, promise to resist 1
Opponents of new gun laws dotted Capitol Square on Monday as Senate Democrats took up legislation that would implement universal background checks, red flag laws, and limit handgun sales to one a month. (Ned Oliver/Virginia Mercury)


Title: “As Virginia Democrats advance new gun restrictions, militias organize, promising to resist
Author: Ned Oliver and Graham Moomaw
Source: Virginia Mercury
Date: Jan. 13, 2020

Opponents of new gun laws in Virginia are organizing militias in the state, but promise they’re not planning to use the new paramilitary organizations to launch a violent insurrection against the government.

“We’re just a group of like-minded individuals trying to protect our rights,” said a man standing in the gravel parking lot of an auto repair shop in rural King William County Sunday, where a “call to muster” had asked anyone interested in forming a local militia to meet for preliminary discussions. “We’re not trying to overthrow anyone.”



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