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Every curated onAir state Hub, like this Virginia onAir Hub at, will have at least one onAir Chapter overseeing the moderation of their Hub’s content and discussions.

The onAir Chapters will be associated with major public universities in each state and be lead by students and a faculty advisor. Each lead onAir Chapter will also help to establish affiliated onAir Chapters at public and private universities throughout the state.

We are currently having discussions with students and faculty at George Mason University to establish and manage the lead onAir Chapter for Virginia onAir. Through its chapters, Virginia onAir will support the nationwide effort by colleges and universities across the country to  make democracy and civic responsibility a central aspect of higher learning.

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George Mason University’s onAir chapter will initially focus on training interested undergrad and graduate students on how to curate Virginia onAir content especially submitting Top News articles, events, videos, and information and moderating forums in each post they curate.

Student curators will also work with state senate and house committee chairs to produce aircasts on issues being discussed and bills being proposed in their committees.

During election season, students with other other organizations like the League of Women Voters, will coordinate and produce aircasted debates with candidates.

In each of the university post below, we aggregate the programs and organizations related to Virginia governance and elections that are within or close to each university. Each university post, in most cases, will have information about civic engagement programs, internships, academic programs, research centers, and nearby colleges, high schools.

If you would like to add your program or organization, select the Feedback (“Discuss”) icon in each post and contact

George Mason University
James Madison University
University of Virginia
Virginia Commonwealth University
William & Mary
Old Dominion University
Virginia Tech

George Mason University

Source: About

As Virginia’s largest public research university, we set the standard for a bold, progressive education that serves our students and communities.

Civic Engagement Programs

Source: Community Engagement and Civic Learning (CECL)

A Mason Impact + CECL experience provides students with the opportunity to make connections between multi-disciplinary knowledge and community change, to understand their role as citizens of the world, and to act to address challenging global problems in partnership with the community.

In an MI + CECL experience students should engage in: 

  • Application of theory, skills, or knowledge into community contexts
  • Exploration of ways of working towards social change
  • Place and issue education to understand community and root causes
  • Critical reflection on their community engaged experience


Student projects in an MI + CECL course or co-curricular experience may come in many forms, some example project types include: 

  • Community engaged learning and research projects
  • Capacity building efforts like volunteer management, program development, curriculum development, fundraising, and communication projects
  • Community organizing, activism, and advocacy efforts
  • Participation in political processes, policymaking, and public governance

The Office of Community Engagement and Civic Learning

For more information about Civic Engagement and Civic Learning at George Mason University please visit The Office of Community Engagement and Civic Learning.

Student Government

Source: GMU Student Government

George Mason University’s Student Government is a permanent standing entity which receives its legitimacy and authority as representatives of the entire student body. We advocate for the interests of our fellow peers, educate the university community with regard to the state of the institution, and represent the interests of each student. Our mission is to do so through serving as a liaison to the administration, faculty, and community.

Student Government has undergone many, many changes throughout its history, but our mission has remained focused on advocated for each student. We have three main branches that help accomplish that goal.


Source: Undergraduate Internship Program

Our Internship Program provides an opportunity for students to gain professional experience and skills to complement their academic program for career readiness. Whether you are interested in public policy, law, international relations, nonprofit, or business and political communications, the Schar School can help connect you with countless organizations that will broaden your skills, deepen your expertise, and help you build a meaningful professional network.

Get Career Ready with the Schar School


Ready to gain hands-on experience with a professional internship? Contact Dr. Ann Ludwick to set up an advising appointment.


Academic Programs

Source: Schar School of Policy and Government

Undergraduate Programs

Research Initiatives

Source: Schar School of Policy and Government

The Schar School of Policy and Government research centers, institutes, and initiatives focus on issues ranging from international security and commerce to transportation logistics. Each unit is headed by a distinguished Schar School faculty member, who harnesses the resources of the School as well as those of external sponsors to conduct a wide range of projects. From forecasts for the regional economy provided by the Center for Regional Analysis to TRACCC’s analysis of corruption and illicit international trade, the Schar School tackles a plethora of real-world challenges. Schar School doctoral students collaborate with faculty and contribute to the centers’ research by participating in sponsored projects, sharing their work at research conferences, and publishing articles and reports.


Virginia Almanac Project

Regional Elected Leaders Initiative


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