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I am on the Board of Directors for Democracy onAir.  Democracy onAir is a nonprofit, nonpartisan social enterprise that manages the US onAir Network and is the founding sponsor of the US onAir Coalition.


Tim O’Shea graduated summa cum laude from George Mason University where he studied Government and International Politics, Data Analysis, and Economics. He previously worked as the Database and Intelligence Manager at Rise To Peace, where he developed and launched multiple open-source intelligence databases on international terrorism. He also worked as a Market Research Associate for the Virginia Small Business Development Center, where he helped Virginia businesses and organizations with expanding internationally. He has presented at research conferences at James Madison University and Georgetown University, and his work has been published in the Chicago Journal of Foreign Policy and the Immigrant Research Library.



Work Experience

  • Executive Director
    Democracy onAir
    2019 to 2020

    – Development of recruitment, workflow, fundraising, and communication protocols and resources
    Building an advisory board for the organization

    – Public interfacing and representation of Democracy onAir at relevant conferences

    – Management of other directors

  • Market Research Associate
    Virginia SBDC
    2018 to 2019

    – Gathers and synthesizes open source market intelligence and research for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) seeking to expand to international markets

    – Provides clients with reports including market trends and factors, comparative regulatory profiles, expansion targets, data visualization, government resources, and recommended next steps

    – Develops government relations material for organizations seeking legislative or executive branch support for initiatives and programs

  • Student Assistant, Robinson Professor Office
    George Mason University

    – Provided administrative support for group of elite, multidisciplinary professors and professors emeriti, including managing student meetings, technical support, and course registration

    – Coordinated and arranged for hundreds of donations of books and manuscripts to multiple college campuses and special collections

    – Planned, promoted and ran academic events such as debates and lectures including well-known economists, pollsters, and Pulitzer Prize-winning journalists

    – Acted as a technical and teaching assistant for professor’s classes on criminal justice and economic policy

    – Maintains and updates website on professor’s achievements and appearances in the media

    – Interfaced with other departments and campus groups in order to support office, promote sponsored events, and host visitors

  • Database & Intelligence Manager
    Rise to Peace

    – Conceptualized, designed, and built the Active Intelligence Database and Undercovered Attacks Database, compiling news reports on terrorist activity into public access databases with instant archives and other organizational features

    – Trained and managed a small team of interns to write articles on terrorism data and research, maintain databases, and increase social media presence with focused content on terrorism and extremism

    – Provided strategic planning, coordination, and on site support for community and academic events to generate support and awareness of the organization as well as serve mission of the organization

  • Joseph Schumpeter Fellow
    Mercatus Center at George Mason University
    2016 to 2019

    – Received and renewed membership five times for selective, paid fellowship for applied economic study at the Mercatus Center

    – Participated in discussions with Mercatus Center Fellows and George Mason Economics faculty on modern economic public policy issues, including economic education, technology policy, disaster relief, and foreign aid and Immigration

  • Immigration and Cross-Border Policy Intern
    Bipartisan Policy Center

    – Assembled, crystallized and sent daily press briefings for members of the Immigration Team

    – Wrote timely articles on U.S. immigration policy issues, including family separation and denaturalization efforts

    – Generated data analysis, modeling, and visualization on contemporary immigration policy challenges, including immigrant detention, court backlogs, and border deterrence

    – Created impact statements on BPC articles for use in development outreach, including reach to key voter populations

    – Contributed to short and long term reports on relevant research literature, recent polling data, and federal grant evaluation

    – Winner of the Robert F. Bennett Award for demonstrating a commitment to public service and a desire to make a difference

  • Research Assistant
    George Mason University – Schar School of Policy and Government

    – Served as part of an international team analyzing the erosion of U.S. soft power in Central Asia as part of the Minerva Research Initiative

    – Analyzed characteristics and trends of Central Asian terrorism, including research on their radicalization, attack profiles, and specific case studies in Turkey, Sweden, Russia, and the United States

  • Immigration Law Clerk
    The HMA Law Firm PLLC
    2017 to 2017

    – Conceptualized, designed, and built multi-layered database on violence and persecution around the world, compiling qualitative and quantitative information from government and NGO reports and news sources.

    – Built tools for legal data analysis, including comparative displays for affirmative and defensive asylum districts and decision matrix on immigration options for use by attorneys, and designed training for future interns on using tools.

    – Completed country conditions and asylum case research for clients from countries including El Salvador, Guatemala, Venezuela, Syria, and Cameroon, and others.

  • Research Intern, Center for Political-Military Analysis
    Hudson Institute
  • Public Forum Debate Coach
    Poly Prep Country Day School
    2015 to 2017

    – Provided guidance and advice on argument creation for high school debate team.

    – Completed extensive research on current events and public policy issues for use in positions and cohesive arguments.

    – Assisted conflict mediation and team cohesion among team members.

    – Coached teams to 1st and 3rd place rankings out of 700+ nationally competitive teams, as well as to record the 2 highest national win counts across a debate season, and one of the first “total sweeps” of a national debate tournament in history.

    – Coached debaters interviewed by Fortune Magazine for comment on the Presidential debates


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2018 Midterm Election Coverage

Published on November 6, 2018
By: MasonCableNetwork



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Students Bring Their Agenda to the Capitol
By: By: Abigail Adcox
Fourth Estate – February 4, 2019

“In terms of per-student spending, Mason lags behind in how much money we get from the state,” said Tim O’Shea, the executive secretary for government and community relations for Student Government.

In addition, this year over 80 percent of students attending were members of another student organization besides Student Government, according to O’Shea. This was in part an effort to target students who were active on campus outside of Student Government, and who might be able to personally relate how student funding affects them.

“The biggest reason for me, and this comes from conversations with the State Relations office, is that you consistently hear that state legislators and their [staffs] have a very strong opinion of Mason students as civically engaged and very adept students, and part of that is because of things like Mason Lobbies, where they get to see Mason students in action,” O’Shea explained.

What the Hell does Student Government Do?
By: Tim O’Shea
Fourth Estate – January 28, 2018

I joined Mason’s Student Government (SG) familiar with the dismal aspects of its reputation. I knew that many students see SG as an ineffective body comprised of playacting, would-be politicians passing empty bills and soaking up student funding. Mason students on social media are either unaware of Student Government’s role in our community or convinced that nothing happens.

I believe that these takes miss the important changes at Mason due to SG’s efforts that have either gone unnoticed or been merely forgotten. Student Government pressure on the school administration was the impetus behind the creation of the Gunston Go-Bus, which brings Mason students to local shopping areas that include Fair Oaks and Fairfax Corner. SG’s annual trip to meet with state legislators, Mason Lobbies, is often cited by state lawmakers as an important component of their positive impression of Mason students.


What Makes a Terrorist Attack Notable? Attack Characteristics as Determinants of United States Media Coverage
By: Liam Timmons and Tim O’Shea
Chicago Journal of Foreign Policy – January 9, 2019

This report analyzed the theoretical basis for determinants of U.S. media coverage of international terrorist attacks, as well as the statistical distribution of attack characteristics across attacks both covered and uncovered by major U.S. media sources.

mmigrants and Public Benefits: What Does the Research Say?
By: Tim O’Shea and Cristobal Ramón
Bipartisan Policy Center – December 5, 2018

Literature review of the usage of public benefits programs by immigrants, including analysis of factors including research methodology, state and federal laws, and both static and dynamic analysis.

Why are families being separated at the border? An Explainer
By: Tim O’Shea and Theresa Cardinal Brown
Bipartisan Policy Center – June 13, 2018

Central Asian Export of ‘Lone Wolf’ Terrorism: Case Studies, Comparisons, and Lessons
By: Tim O’Shea
Rise To Peace – May 16, 2018


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