Governor of Virginia

The Governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia serves as the chief executive of the Commonwealth of Virginia for a four-year term. The current holder of the office is Democrat Ralph Northam, who was sworn in on January 13, 2018.

Ralph Northam

Current Position: Governor since 2018
Former: Lt. Governor from 2014 - 2018
Former: State Senator for VA Senate District 6 from 2008 - 2014
Affiliation: Democrat

Mission Statement:
"Governor Northam approaches public service with the same passion he brought to his military and medical service. He is committed to working with leaders from both parties to build a Virginia that works better for every family, no matter who they are or where they live."

Terry McAullife

Current Position: GMU Distinguished Visiting Professor from 2018 - 2018
Former: Governor from 2014 - 2018
Former: Chair, Democratic National Committee from 2001 - 2005
Former: Chair, Hillary Clinton presidential campaign since 2008
Affiliation: Democrat

Mission Statement: N/A

Mark Warner

Current Position: US Senator since 2009
Former: Governor from 2002 - 2006
Affiliation: Democrat

Mission Statement: N/A

Tim Kaine

Current Position: US Senator since 2013
Former: Governor from 2006 - 2010
Former: Lt. Governor from 2002 - 2006
Former: Mayor from 1998 - 2001
Affiliation: Democrat

Mission Statement:
"Tim has made boosting job opportunities for everyone a top priority. Tim is focused on crafting smart defense strategy and reducing the risk of unnecessary war. Tim believes that health care is a right ... and has consistently pushed for reforms to expand access to quality care."

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