District Description: City of Virginia Beach (part)a
Current Delegate: Glenn Davis since 2014 (R)

According to Ned Oliver of Virginia Mercury:

“Davis has represented the district since 2014 and, while it has tilted Democratic in recent statewide contests (Northam won with 54 percent of the vote), Trump still won here with 49 percent of the vote. But Democrats say Mallard, a teacher and the daughter of a coal miner, is a strong candidate. And they say if Republican inaction on gun violence is likely to resonate anywhere, it will be Virginia Beach, where a shooter killed 12 in May.”

OnAir Post: VA House 84 – 2019

VA House District 84

District Map (PDF)

VA State House District #84

Glenn Davis

Current Position: State Delegate for VA House District 84 since 2014
Former: Virginia Beach City Council from 2009 – 2013
Affiliation: Republican

Candidate: 2019 State Delegate VA House District 84

For more information, see Glenn Davis’s post.

Glenn DavisDelegate Glenn Davis is a public servant, business owner, and serial entrepreneur.

Glenn began his entrepreneurial career in a one-bedroom apartment in Virginia Beach, Virginia. There, he started his first company, a telecommunications management firm which soon became a leading telecom business garnering many awards and in 2007 was named by the Inc. 5000 as one of the 100 fastest growing IT companies in America. 

Over Glenn’s 19 years of experience as an entrepreneur and business executive, he has developed a proven track record in business, and has received numerous awards including the Entrepreneurial Excellence Award from the Regent University School of Global Leadership and Entrepreneurship and has spoken at national conferences and business schools.

In the Virginia General Assembly, Glenn is one of Virginia’s leading advocates for economic development, regulatory and tax reform, and helping grow Virginia’s small businesses. His initiatives in these areas have earned him multiple awards and honors from the Virginia Chamber of Commerce, including Freshman Legislator of the Year (2014), Small Business Advocate Award (2015), Champion of Free Enterprise Award (2016), Advancement of Innovation and Technology Award (2017), and multiple Free Enterprise Awards for his legislation on Virginia’s Business Climate, as well as Workforce and Education (2018). 

In 2017, Glenn sought the Republican nomination for Virginia Lieutenant Governor, traveling over 60,000 miles across Virginia in a grassroots campaign. His issues-based campaign and focus on improving the lives of Virginians from all regions and backgrounds earned respect and support from all across the Commonwealth. Glenn emerged from the campaign as a pre-eminent leader for Virginia Republicans on economic and regulatory reform.

Representing the 84th House of Delegates District in the Virginia General Assembly, Glenn serves on the Education, Transportation, and General Laws Committees. He also serves as Vice Chairman of the Joint Commission on Technology and Science and chaired its Cyber Security and Blockchain subcommittees.

Prior to joining the House of Delegates, Glenn was twice elected to the Virginia Beach City Council, in 2008 and 2012. Glenn is a graduate of the EO/MIT Entrepreneurial Master’s program, a graduate of the University of Virginia’s Sorensen Institute for Political Leadership, a member and past president of the Entrepreneurs’ Organization of Southeast Virginia, has served as Chairman of Junior Achievement of Greater Hampton Roads, and sits on the Board of Governors of Green Run Collegiate, a charter school connected to the Green Run community where he grew up. 

Glenn and his wife, Chelle, live in Virginia Beach and are both very active in the community and charitable efforts throughout Hampton Roads.

Karen Mallard

Current Position: Public-school teacher
Affiliation: Democrat

Candidate: 2019 State Delegate VA House District 84

For more information, see Karen Mallard’s post.

Karen Mallard 1Throughout her life, Karen Mallard has always fought for the underdog.

When she was only eleven years old, Karen and her father successfully advocated for the removal of a sewage treatment plant that dumped waste into the Guest River, where Karen and her neighbors were baptized. When the coal company in her parents’ home in Wise County, Virginia cut their miners’ health benefits, Karen passed out bologna sandwiches to strikers and joined them on the picket line.

For the past 30 years, Karen Mallard has used this compassion and fighting spirit to serve the Virginia Beach community as a public-school teacher, union leader, political organizer, PTA board member, and little league board member.

Through her work as an early childhood reading specialist and Vice President of the Virginia Beach Education Association, Karen has helped thousands of Virginia Beach kids learn to read while advocating for their right to a first-class education. Her favorite pupil, however, is her father, whom she taught to read while attending the University of Virginia’s College at Wise


Better Government

Glenn Davis

Innovative Solutions
Glenn has identified bold, innovative solutions to many of the problems facing our Commonwealth. Whether tax, education, or job-creation, Glenn believes Virginia should work to replace outdated policies with new innovative policies, taking advantage of recent technology to create better efficiencies and cut the cost of government.

Glenn, at his own expense, has visited MIT to identify 21st-Century coal research, traveled to Estonia to better understand 21st-Century robotics manufacturing opportunities, and worked to identify new technology to bring high-speed bandwidth to homes in rural Virginia.

Civil Rights

Glenn Davis

Troughout high school, Glenn shot 3-position smallbore rifle competitively for his school’s NJROTC unit and as part of a rifle team out of Langley Air Force Base.  Today Glenn enjoys various shooting sports including skeet, sporting clays, and long range precision shooting.

Glenn believes that Virginia should protect the rights secured by the Second Amendment while ensuring that the necessary laws exist to keep firearms out of the hands of those that should not possess them.



Glenn Davis

Virginia used to be #1 in the nation for business and job growth. Now Virginia continues to fall in and out of the top 10 and has the 30th worst tax policies in the nation. 

Glenn is an entrepreneur and has the history and experience to eliminate the tax and regulatory burdens that are holding back economic opportunities for Virginians. His initiatives in these areas have earned him multiple awards and honors from the Virginia Chamber of Commerce, including Freshman Legislator of the Year (2014), Small Business Advocate Award (2015), Champion of Free Enterprise Award (2016), and Advancement of Innovation and Technology (2017).

Karen Mallard


Glenn Davis

Glenn is extremely passionate about the education of our children. He has been heavily involved in numerous initiatives including SOL reforms to reduce the number of standardized tests in our schools and additional opportunities for our students with disabilities. Additionally, Glenn has focused on growing opportunities for students to graduate high school with a high tech skill set in the trades, allowing them to enter high wage careers right out of high school, without the additional burden of college debt.

Glenn has also seen the benefits of charter schools first hand serving on the Governing Board of Green Run Collegiate, a charter school in Virginia Beach he helped create.

Karen Mallard

As one of the first members of her family to attend college, Karen knows that a quality education can mean the difference between poverty and prosperity. During her thirty-year career as a teacher at Holland Elementary School, North Landing Elementary School, and Three Oaks Elementary School, Karen has taught generations of Virginia Beach students to read while advocating for their right to a world-class education.

Karen knows that Virginia’s teacher shortage means larger class sizes and more stressful learning environments for both students and teachers. As your Delegate, Karen will work to attract talented teachers and give every child in Virginia Beach the head start they both need and deserve.

Life & Family

Glenn Davis

Glenn supports policies that strengthen our families and keep our communities safe. As a pro-life conservative, Glenn believes that we should further streamline the adoption process so women can be more confident that their babies will not end up lost, growing up inside a governmental system, but rather in a loving home, allowing not only their child to achieve their dreams, but also allowing loving couples to reach theirs.

Glenn also recognizes that the family is the bedrock of any functioning society and will support policies that strengthen our families and keep our communities safe.


Environmental Preservation

Karen Mallard

Growing up in coal country in Wise County, Virginia, Karen saw the impact of environmental devastation on the health and income of her family and neighbors. When she was only eleven years old, Karen and her father successfully advocated to move a sewage treatment plant that dumped waste into the Guest River, where she and her community members were baptized.

In the House of Delegates, Karen will fight to protect Virginia Beach residents whose homes are threatened by flooding, the inevitable result of climate change and rising sea levels. She will stand against any and all offshore drilling on our coastline and will work tirelessly to attract high-paying green jobs to our community.