George Mason University

George Mason University students, faculty, staff, and alumni have been major contributors to the development of the US onAir network. The GMU onAir chapter is the first onAir chapter in Virginia.

The GMU onAir chapter is affiliated with the US onAir Network of 50 state governance and election Hubs supporting the nationwide effort by colleges and universities across the country to make democracy and civic responsibility a central aspect of higher learning.

Chapter members:

  • Curate posts and moderate forums on politicians, issues, committees, and other topics related to Virginia congressional members and US governance and elections and
  • Produce aircasts (livestreamed, zoom discussions)  this fall with congressional candidates and, after the midterms, with their representatives

Featured Videos: Sample Candidate Aircast

Students who want to start their own  onAir chaptesr at their university can contact:

Virginia Tech

VT Engage: The Center for Leadership & Service Learning is Virginia Tech’s center for service learning, leadership education, & civic engagement.

Our vision is to equip civic leaders to create a more just world.

​Our mission is to facilitate leadership, service learning, ​and civic engagement experiences that ​advance community priorities, ​contribute to student development, ​and embody Ut Prosim (That I May Serve)​.

We invite undergraduate and graduate students of any major to join us to #ExperienceUtProsim.

OnAir Post: Virginia Tech

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