Kathy Byron

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Current Position: State Delegate since 1998
Affiliation: Republican
Mission Statement: N/A

Capitol Office
Pocahontas Building
900 E. Main St,
Richmond, Virginia 23219
Phone: (804) 698-1022

District Office
P.O. Box 900
Forest, VA 24551
Phone: (434) 582-1592

Legislative Assistant: Dexter Gaines
Administrative Assistant During Session: Gena Barker

Email Links: DelKByron@house.virginia.gov

Websites: Government Pages, Campaign Site

Political Career

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Campaign Finance

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Voting Record

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New Legislation

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Kathy ByronAbout

From Campaign Website

Kathy also serves on various boards and organizations in the Commonwealth including the Virginia Workforce Development Board, Tobacco Community Revitalization Commission (where she serves as the Chairman of the Research and Development Committee), Unemployment Compensation Commission, American Legislative Exchange Council (where she serves on the Communication and Information Task Force), Joint Commission On Science and Technology, Manufacturing Development Commission, and she chairs the Health Insurance Reform Commission and also the Broadband Advisory Council.

Kathy married  Jack Byron in 1973, and currently has three children and five grandchildren. She is a member of Thomas Road Baptist Church in Lynchburg, VA. She and her husband owned and operated a small business together  for over 26 years.

Personal Information

  • Birth Year: 1953
  • Place of Birth: Abingdon, PA
  • Gender: Female
  • Race(s): Caucasian
  • Religion: Baptist
  • Spouse: John T.
  • Children: Amy Manzi, John, Jr., and Joe
  • Membership & Affiliation: Virginia Board of Workforce Development
    Tobacco Indemnification and Community Revitalization Commission, Research and Development Committee (chairman)
    Joint Commission on Science and Technology
    Manufacturing Development Commission
    Virginia Health Insurance Reform Commission (chairman)
    Unemployment Commission
    Broadband Advisory Council (chairman)
  • Occupation/Profession: Small business owner (retired)


Council Rock High School, PA
Bucks County Community College, PA

Political Career

From Wikipedia

In February 2012, she sponsored HB462, a bill that would require that Virginia women seeking an abortion would have to undergo a transvaginal ultrasound, without her written consent and even if it is against the wishes of her doctor.

After the controversy caused by passing of this bill by Virginia representatives, Governor Bob McDonnell amended the bill to include language that would require the written consent of the woman seeking an abortion, and would also require only a transabdominal ultrasound. However, Rep. Byron urged rejection of the amendment on its grounds that a transvaginal ultrasound is an invasive procedure because, “If we want to talk about invasiveness, there’s nothing more invasive than the procedure that she is about to have,” she said, referring to her belief that abortions harm viable persons within the womb.

In January 2017, she proposed HB2108, a bill that would restrict municipalities to expand beyond their current footprint and from building and offering broadband to those within the municipalities.


Vice Chair: Commerce and Labor
Science and Technology


Chair: Commerce and Labor – Subcommittee #1

Chair: Finance – Subcommittee #1

Finance – Subcommittee #3
Commerce and Labor – Subcommittee #3
Commerce and Labor – Special Sub-Consumer Lending

Other Appointments

Broadband Advisory Council
Centennial Anniversary of Women’s Right to Vote, Task Force to Commemorate the
Electric Utility Regulation, Commission on
Health Insurance Reform Commission
House Commerce and Labor
House Finance
House Science & Technology
Intergovernmental Cooperation, Virginia Commission on
Manufacturing Development Commission
Technology and Science, Joint Commission on
Tobacco Region Revitalization Commission
Unemployment Compensation, Commission on
Wireless Communications Infrastructure Group – Joint Subcommittees of House Commerce & Labor, Senate Commerce & Labor, and Senate General Laws & Technology
Workforce Development, Virginia Board of

Election Results

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Campaign Finance


Policy Positions

From campaign website

 Economic Development

Central Virginia needs quality jobs, and I’ve made economic growth and workforce development the centerpiece of my work as your Delegate. I have successfully worked to expand workforce training and development programs in our region to ensure that our citizens have the skills they need to compete for quality jobs in today’s competitive economy.

I have also worked to attract new industries to our region and supported measures to help our existing businesses grow. I am committed to fighting for policies that keep business regulations to a minimum, allowing our businesses to flourish and grow, and create more jobs for Virginians.


Our children deserve safe schools that focus on fundamentals like reading, math and science. To ensure that the educational needs of every child are being met, I support strong performance accountability standards for our schools. One size does not fit all when it comes to educating a child, so I support initiatives that will allow parents greater choice in selecting educational options for their children.

 Health Care

I am adamantly opposed to President Obama’s federal takeover of our health care. Health care proposals based on bureaucracy and one-size-fits-all approaches diminish the quality of care and decrease affordability. Further, government control over our health care tramples upon the rights of individuals and families. Health care options that allow greater choice and flexibility, like health care savings accounts options and allowing small businesses the ability to offer affordable plans free from excessive mandates are far superior – and more affordable – than the options being forced upon us by Washington.

 Public Safety

We must strengthen public safety in our communities to combat the new threats that face our citizens. I have been a leader in promoting legislation that keeps up with the changing nature of crime, including cyber-crime. I have successfully sponsored multiple measures to protect citizens from the growing crime of identity theft, making Virginia a national model in fighting this growing crime. And because we need to be vigilant in protecting our children, I successfully sponsored legislation increasing penalties for those who sexually abuse children and for those who stalk them on the Internet.


Virginia’s taxes are not too low, and I have been a consistent and steadfast voice against raising them.
Higher taxes are intended to fund a larger, more intrusive government, and I have opposed efforts to raise
taxes. We don’t need tax increases in order to fund essential government functions like education, public
safety and transportation. Moreover, we cannot grow or economy or successfully compete for industries with higher taxes on families and businesses. I will continue to support funding vital services while working to keep taxes low.

Traditional Values & Our Rights

As Delegate, I have been a strong voice for our traditional values, fighting for the values of faith in God, personal integrity, and stronger families. From sponsoring legislation cracking down on child pornographers to Virginia’s constitutional amendment to protect marriage, I have been a leader in the effort to fight those who want to advance the liberal social agenda. After twenty seven years of fighting to protect the health and dignity of women going to abortion clinics, I sponsored the successful amendment to require state oversight of abortion clinics in Virginia. I have also successfully supported bills that protect innocent human life and require a moment of silence in our schools.

I have been a steadfast supporter of property rights and our Second Amendment Rights.


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Delegate Kathy Byron explains rejecting $125 Million in federal funds for displaced workers
April 12, 2009


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