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Current Position: State Delegate since 2002
Affiliation: Republican
Mission Statement: N/A

Capitol Office
Pocahontas Building
900 E. Main St,
Richmond, Virginia 23219
Phone: (804) 698-1058

District Office
2309 Finch Court
Charlottesville, VA 22911
Phone: (434) 245-8900

Legislative Assistant: Jordan Dix Hargrave, Legislative Director
Administrative Assistant During Session: Anita Schepker

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Websites: Government Pages, Campaign Site, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook

Political Career

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Voting Record

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New Legislation

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Robert BellAbout

From Campaign Website

Rob Bell grew up in a Navy family.  He attended the University of Virginia on scholarship, and graduated with honors from both the college and law school.  Rob served as a state prosecutor in Orange County for five years, where he prosecuted over 2,400 cases, working with the police and crime victims to bring criminals to justice.

Since his election as a Republican to the Virginia General Assembly, Rob has written laws that crack down on repeat-offense drunk driving and keep sex offenders off school property. He has also worked to close loopholes in Virginia’s mental health laws after the shooting at Virginia Tech.  More recently, he wrote laws to expand Virginia’s protective orders and to require life in prison for those convicted of raping children.  In 2015 he wrote the law to address sexual assaults on college campuses, and in 2016 expanded Virginia’s stalking laws to empower crime victims.

Rob has also fought to protect Constitutional rights of Virginia citizens. Rob was the co-author of the Constitutional Amendment to stamp out eminent domain abuse and to place property rights protections in the Virginia Constitution. When it reached the voters, this Amendment passed with over 74% of the vote.

Rob has been repeatedly recognized for his work.  The American Conservative Union has twice given him the “Defender of Liberty Award” and the Virginia Property Rights Coalition has given him the “John C. Marshall Award.”  He has won recognition from the Home Educators Association of Virginia, MADD, and the Virginia Assembly of Independent Baptists.  The Action Alliance, which fights domestic violence and sexual assault, gave Rob the 2009 “Act, Honor, Hope” Award, and in 2011, recognized Rob with 29 other Virginians as a “30 Voices for 30 Years” Honoree.

An Eagle Scout, Rob was an active volunteer with the Boy Scouts and with the public schools prior to his first election. Rob and his wife Jessica have two children, Robbie and Evie. The Bells live in Albemarle County.

Personal Information

Birth Year: 1967
Place of Birth: Palo Alto, CA
Gender: Male
Race(s): Caucasian
Religion: Methodist
Spouse: Jessica Rhea Sweeney
Children: Robbie and Evelyn


University of Virginia (B.A. with High Distinction, 1988)
University of Virginia School of Law (J.D., 1995)

Political Career


Courts of Justice


Health, Welfare and Institutions – Subcommittee #2

Other Appointments

Election Results

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Virginia House of Delegates, District 58 General Election, 2017
PartyCandidateVote %Votes
RepublicanGreen check mark transparent.png Rob Bell Incumbent61.26%18,652
DemocraticKellen Squire38.74%11,797
Total Votes30,449

Campaign Finance


Policy Positions

From Campaign website 

Better Schools

Rob and Jessica live in Albemarle County, and their children Robbie and Evie attend school there. Jessica is a former high school English teacher who is currently taking time off to raise Robbie and Evie.

Rob supports educational excellence and giving parents choices. He was House patron of the Constitutional Amendment that would bring more public charter schools to Virginia. He also supports scholarships for disadvantaged children in underperforming schools and has led the fight for the “Tebow Bill” that would give home schooled students additional options.

In addition, like any parents, the Bells understand the importance of student safety. Rob has written new laws that:

  • Ban criminal sex offenders from schools during school hours (HB 2344 – 2007)
  • Require schools to establish bullying prevention programs (HB 2266 – 2005)
  • Require schools to notify parents when a child is a victim of a crime at school (HB 2266 – 2005)
  • Require additional background checks for school teachers (HB 1242 – 2008)
  • Ban criminal sex offenders from school activities and school buses (HB 2066 – 2011)
  • Address “cyberbullying” by treating threats sent by “texting” the same as threats made by phone (HB 2059 – 2011)

Defending the Second Amendment

Rob Bell has a lifetime ‘A’ rating from the NRA and has always stood up for the Constitutional rights of law-abiding citizens and sportsmen. Rob has never voted against Virginians’ gun rights, and he never will. Rob Bell has a concealed carry permit, is a gun owner, and is a longtime member of the Rivanna Rifle & Pistol Club.

  • Rob Bell supports both concealed and open carry.
  • Rob Bell believes that the Second Amendment guarantees the right of citizens to own firearms, and opposes efforts to reinterpret and weaken this Constitutional protection.
  • Rob Bell supports the right of law-abiding citizens to defend their families against home intruders.
  • Rob Bell voted to repeal the “one gun a month” law.
  • Rob Bell was co-patron of the bill to repeal the concealed carry “restaurant ban.”
  • Rob Bell voted to remove concealed carry permit information from the list of data that is subject to Virginia’s open record laws.

Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault

Rob worked for five years as an assistant Commonwealth’s attorney, prosecuting more than 100 cases of domestic abuse. As a delegate, Rob has fought for the victims of domestic violence and sexual assault, including his recent efforts to improve safety for students at Virginia colleges. He has written laws to:

  • Expand Virginia’s stalking law to empower victims (HB 752 — 2016)
  • Require every college campus to report felony sexual assaults to the police or to a Commonwealth’s attorney and to provide services to victims (HB 1930 – 2015)
  • Add violent misdemeanors to the Virginia DNA database (HB 1928 – 2015)
  • Make it illegal to maliciously distribute or send a nude or sexual photograph – “revenge porn” (HB 326 – 2014)
  • Impose a mandatory life sentence for those who rape children (HB 973 – 2012)
  • Expand Virginia’s protective orders law (HB 2063 – 2011)
  • Close loopholes that let child molesters avoid justice (HB 1333– 2006)
  • Increase penalties for those who secretly videotape children (HB 663– 2004)
  • Increase penalties for those who sexually abuse the mentally infirm or physically helpless (HB 660 – 2004)

Economy and Jobs

Rob believes the best way to create jobs is to promote a business-friendly climate where private employers can thrive and grow. He opposes needless and expensive overregulation of Virginia companies, and in past elections has received support from the National Federation of Independent Businesses (NFIB) and the Virginia Chamber of Commerce. As a Delegate, Rob has voted to eliminate the Virginia death tax so that farmers and small business owners can pass on their legacies to their children. He has supported a constitutional amendment to protect Virginia’s right-to-work law, which helps keep Virginia attractive to new employers. Rob also opposed “card check” proposals that would eliminate the secret ballot in union organizing.

He has received a 100% voting score from the NFIB for 2014-15, and was named a Champion of Free Enterprise for his “A” rating from the Virginia Chamber of Commerce. In 2015, he also received the Chamber’s Excellence in Education and Workforce Training Award

In 2012, he received the Virginia Retail Merchants Association “Legislator of the Year” Award.

Family Values

Rob Bell is pro-life. In past elections, he has received a 100% score and has been endorsed by the Virginia Society for Human Life (VSHL). (The VSHL has not made an endorsement for the 2017 election.) Rob also received a 100% score and was named a Defender of Liberty by the American Conservative Union.

Rob supports the traditional definition of marriage, and voted for Virginia’s Constitutional marriage amendment.

Rob supports the ability of parents to make educational choices for their children. In addition to supporting tax credits for school tuitions, he strongly supports home schooling. In 2006, the Home Educators Association of Virginia gave him their legislative award for “Outstanding Leadership in Advancing the Rights of Home-Educating Parents” Rob has repeatedly patroned the bill to expand access for home school students who wish to participate in sports at their local high school (the “Tebow Bill”).


Bell’s website highlighted the following campaign themes:

  • Mental health reform

Excerpt: “established clear lines of responsibility and oversight over those receiving outpatient care,” “revised standard for involuntary commitment,” and “colleges can inform parents when their child might seriously harm himself or others.”

  • Better schools

Excerpt: “Ban criminal sex offenders from schools during school hours,” “Require schools to establish bullying prevention programs,” “Require schools to notify parents when a child is a victim of a crime,” and “Require additional background checks for school teachers.”

  • Public safety

Excerpt: “New drunk driving laws crack down on repeat offenders and ‘super drunk’ drivers,” “Laws to mandate jail for drunks who drive with children in the car,” “Laws to promote prosecution of child pornographers and sexual predators,” and “Laws to keep violent sexual predators off of school property during school hours.”


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