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One approach we use to inform and engage Virginians is via our Aircasts. Aircasts are livestreamed and recorded videos that include viewer input and are archived in their related posts.

We focus particularly on Curator produced mobile Aircasts that employ smartphones and a few inexpensive accessories. Some use cases include:

"During an Event" - Aircaster does interviews …before, during, and/or after event for inclusion into posts. Can upgrade up to mobile studio e.g. CNN Town Halls.

"Anytime in one's Office"- Elected official or candidate livestreams weekly updates and their responses to Hub members questions.

The Virginia onAir YouTube channel will also have livestreamed and recorded videos that can be stored in posts.

About Aircasting

We believe that Aircasting is a key component of any elections Hub. Hub visitors can view all the scheduled and archived Aircasts under the “onAir” tab. If an Aircast is streaming at the time that a Hub visitor lands on the home page, then it’s widget will appear and be playing on the home page.

Mobile Aircasts 

Office Aircast

Minimum equipment required for an in office Aircast is a smartphone, table top tripod, and a Lavaliere microphone (approximate cost beyond the phone’s cost is $30). Post Aircaster or Staff Member for candidate schedules weekly update interview in YouTube channel and sends YouTube link & Feature Image to Curator to put into appropriate post(s). Equipment can be upgraded to HD webcam, HD videocamera, better lighting and microphone. Aircaster can assist elected officials, candidates, and their staff with various customized options that their existing computers and other available hardware and software.

Event Aircast

Minimum equipment required for an event Aircast is a smartphone, floor level tripod, directional mic, LED lighting, and a rig to steady the filming process (approximate cost beyond the phone’s cost is $130) A Director affiliated with the Aircaster sets up interviews with candidates and audience, gets releases signed, schedules in YouTube. and places in the appropriate post(s).  An Aircaster does interviews. After the event, Aircaster, or more experienced videographer, edits interviews into separate videos for inclusion into posts. An event can, if they choose to, upgrade up to a mobile studio setup like how TV networks record on site Town Halls.


Notes from Post Curator

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