About Aircasting

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We focus particularly on“Online Town Halls” which are curator-assisted Aircasts.

Using their laptops, elected officials or candidates can Aircast updates, question and answer sessions, and general announcements at any time. These videos can also be archived in a candidate’s profile on the Hub.

About Aircasting

We believe that Aircasting is a key component of any elections Hub. Hub visitors can view all the scheduled and archived Aircasts under the “onAir” tab. If an Aircast is streaming at the time that a Hub visitor lands on the home page, then it’s widget will appear and be playing on the home page.

Online Town Halls

Politicians and their staff, trained by our Aircasters, can produce online town halls using only a laptop. Post Aircaster or Staff Member for candidate schedules weekly update interview in our or the politician’s YouTube channel and sends YouTube link & Feature Image to Curator to put into appropriate post(s). Equipment can be upgraded to HD webcam, HD videocamera, better lighting and microphone. Aircasters can assist elected officials, candidates, and their staff with various customized options that their existing computers and other available hardware and software.

Aircasting Events

Chapter organized events like Candidate Days and forums can be aircasted so interested residents can remotely view and interact with the event participants.  Minimum equipment required for aircasting an event is a HD camera, an encoder for the live streaming, and a laptop to monitor the chat questions. An event producer can, if they choose to, upgrade up to a mobile studio setup like how TV networks record on site Town Halls.



The lead Curator for this post is Jim McLean. If you have any content you would like to add to this post, submit it to xjmcleanx@gmail.com.  See Terms of Service to learn about the guidelines curators use to evaluate submissions and forum comments.

Discussion Forum

You will need to Become a Hub member to participate in any Hub forum.  – it’s free. If you have a specific topic you would like to discuss, send your request to this post’s curator. We encourage civil and honest discourse and do not permit harassment or threats to personal safety.

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