Politician Interviews

Interviews with 9 NoVA representatives


Virginia onAir curators have recorded and produced a number of video interviews on Virginia representatives and candidates for state Senate and House to help Virginia voters learn more about each politician.

Inside this post are some of the interviews conducted by mostly George Mason University students.

NoVA Delegates

Mark Keam Interview

Dan Helmer Interview

Mark Levine Interview

Karrie Delaney Interview

Liz Guzman

Ibraheem Samirah

David Bulova Interview

This interview was Democracy onAir’s first experimental video interview of a politician. Much gratitude to David Bulova for participating in this first effort by Democracy onAir to develop for students an easy to use, pre-formatted template to record, edit, and display their politician interviews.


More NoVA Delegates and Senators

Ken Plum Interview

Vivian Watts Interview

Jeremy McPike Interview

VA Leaders

Scott Surovell Interview

Central VA Delegates and Senators

South Central VA Delegates and Senators

Kirk Cox Interview

Rodney Willett Interviews

Buddy Fowler Interview

Southeast VA Delegates and Senators

Marcia Price Interview

Katlyn Weiser interviews Delegate Marcia Price in her office in Richmond.

Alex Askew Interview


Jason Miyares Interviews

Southwest VA Delegates and Senators


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