GMU onAir Chapter

The GMU Democracy onAir chapter is the first and model chapter for Virginia onAir and the lead university chapter for Virginia.

Undergrad student members are affiliated with a number of GMU schools, departments, and programs including: Schar School of Policy and Government, the Department of Communication, and the Film and Video Studies program. A undergrad student club/student organization is also being formed to work in tandem with the GMU onAir Chapter.

GMU grad students, faculty, staff, alumni, and friends of Mason participate as chapter members. Virginia onAir Hub coordinators also started onAir chapters at VCU and Virginia Tech.

Ny-jhee Jones

I am currently Media Director for Democracy onAir. I am a senior at George Mason University majoring in Global Affairs. I was an intern with Democracy onAir and Virginia onAir Media Coordinator in the spring of 2o19 as part of being a Global Politics Fellow at the Schar School of Policy and Government.

Nader Momtaz

My name is Nader Momtaz and I am a George Mason University alum that pursued a BA in Global Affairs as a part of the College of Humanities and Social Sciences and a Minor in Conflict Analysis and Resolution. I am currently the Operations Director for Democracy onAir.

I am a member of this hub to increase transparency and better communication between the politicians and the people. I truly believe that the people’s voice is stronger than any one individual and that everyone has a right to learn the facts and participate in our democracy while fulfilling their civic duties.

Katlyn Weiser

Hello! I am the Executive Director of Virginia onAir. Before serving in this role, I was the founding Outreach Director where I worked to establish some of Virginia onAir’s closest partnerships with other organizations. I am also the chair of the Student Leadership Committee for Virginia21. Throughout my time at George Mason University, I served in various leadership roles including Student Government, Virginia21, and Kappa Delta Sorority. If you would like to get involved or start a chapter at your school, send me an email!

Yasmin Jaramillo

I am currently Curation Director for Virginia onAir.  I am a senior at George Mason University majoring in Government and International Politics with minors in Women and Gender Studies and Legal Studies. I am also the Secretary for Government and Community Relations in GMU’s student government.

Tim O’Shea

I am Executive Director for Democracy onAir – the nonprofit social enterprise managed and curated by students that oversees the pilot Virginia onAir Hub and chapters. 

Kerrie Thompson

I am currently the Outreach Director for Virginia onAir.  I am a recent graduate of  George Mason University. I majored in Global Affairs and was a Global Political Fellow where I interned with Democracy onAir.  I am also a member of the GMU onAir chapter.

My mission is to help expand the Virginia onAir network to other areas of the state to ultimately provide an all encompassing, unbiased source for news and general information on Virginia politics.

Jacob Adams

I am currently a Content Management Intern for the GMU onAir chapter. I am in my final semester at Mason where I am pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Government and International Politics.

As a member of Democracy onAir, I hope to aid in the roll out of Democracy onAir in Northern Virginia and in making Democracy onAir a strong platform for people to engage with local, state, and national politics.

Jessler Elvira

I am currently the Business Management intern for the George Mason University onAir chapter. I am beginning my senior year at George Mason University majoring in Global Affairs.

Richard “Willem” Landis

I’m a sophomore at George Mason University majoring in Government and International Politics with a double minor in Criminology, Law and Society and Data Analysis. I’m currently interning for Virginia onAir as a hub curator in the GMU chapter.

As a curator for Virginia onAir I hope to provide objective non-partisan information to the general public involving their elected leaders.

Camden Layton

I am Student Government President at George Mason University. I am also Vice President of the George Mason Democrats. My major is Public Administration.

As a member of the Virginia onAir Advisory Board, I consult on issues and opportunities related to Student Government.

I am CEO of OnAir Networks, the knowledge network software system that is used by Democracy onAir. I also am a member of the Virginia onAir Advisory Board consulting on how to adapt the OnAir system as well as the development of special features for the Hub.

My day job is a software engineer at Northrop Grumman. I have a PhD in Neuroscience from George Mason University.

Jim McLean

Jim McLean is VP of Media for onAir Networks. Jim is the lead designer of onAir Network’s Aircasting system that provides hub producers the tools to create mobile and studio video recordings and live streams.  He is also a member of the Virginia onAir Advisory Board consulting on how to adapt onAir media technologies for the Hub.

Jim is an Instructional Technology/Visual Media Specialist for George Mason University. He received a MFA from American University and a BA from George Mason.

Shuaib Ahmed

My name is Shuaib Ahmed and I am a senior at George Mason University majoring in information technology.  I am leading a team of five other GMU students as part of my IT senior design course to solve business challenges through technology for onAir Networks.

As a member of the GMU Democracy onAir Chapter, I hope to inspire other college students to be better engaged in politics.  I strongly believe that elections have consequences and each and every one of us has a responsibility to be informed citizens in the democratic process.

Caitlin Dickson

My name is Caitlin Dickson and I am a senior at George Mason University.  I am studying Information Technology with a concentration in Security.  I am also a part of the IT 492 Capstone Team, 4Front.

I have a strong interest and willingness to learn more about politics and involve myself with the IT and political aspects of Democracy on Air.

Karanbeer Singh

I am Karanbeer Singh. Senior at George Mason and part of the  IS&T  team.

I am here to assist with the mission of creating a platform that allows citizens to make informed decisions throughout the political process.

Peter Quinn

Hi, I am Pete Quinn. I am a senior at George Mason studying IT with a DTP (Database Tech and Programming) concentration.

I am a member of the IT492 capstone team 4Front and we are doing our project with onAir networks.

Justin Park

My name is Justin Park and I am a George Mason University student that is pursuing a BA in Information Technology with a concentration in Information Security Systems.

I am a member of Team 4Front as a part of the George Mason University Capstone program. I have a strong interest in politics and technology and wish to contribute my efforts to help further the mission of having a free and open democracy.

Adam Black

I am a masters student in the George Mason University Geographic and Cartographic Sciences

Cruz Sanchez

Junior: Major in Communication, Media Production & Criticism at George Mason University
General Manager:  Mason Cable Network

Grace D’Amico

Curator:  Virginia onAir Elections & Governance Hub

I recently graduated from George Mason and majored in Government & International Politics and double minored in International Security and International Politics.

By working with the Virginia onAir Hub, I hope to make it easier and more accessible for people to get information about how elections in Virginia work, upcoming elections, and the candidates running for election.

Jenkins Teh

Sophomore: Computer Science Major at George Mason University

I am assisting Todd Gillette on the web software development for the Elections onAir Hubs.

Sara Deriso

Junior: Major in Government and International Politics, Schar School of Policy and Government, Minor in Political Communication, George Mason University

President: GMU Student Power

Secretary: Transparent GMU

Jenifer Hitchcock

AP Government & US History Teacher
Fairfax High School & Online Campus
James Madison Fellow, Commonwealth of Virginia 2016
Nationally Board Certified Teacher
iCivics Educators Network Member
Writer at

The VA Election Hub is an exciting opportunity to extend civics education beyond the four walls of the traditional classroom. Civics happens on the streets! This organization provides an opportunity to students to use their native digital skills to improve their community and engage in a meaningful way in civics. I am a part of the VA Election Hub to help find and engage students directly in the democratic process as high school interns.


Angelique Arintok

Senior: Majoring in Communication, Media Production & Criticism and minor in Political Communication, George Mason University
General ManagerMason Cable Network

As a freshman with Mason Cable Network, I served as the Assistant Production Manager and was promoted to Production Manager just one year later. As the General Manager of Mason Cable Network, I  hope to sustain the network’s growth, and bring new student concepts to the table. She enjoys the creativity and integrity behind multimedia journalism, and is furthermore interested with the discipline’s connection to political communication. Angelique aspires a career as a news reporter/Multi-Media Journalist.

Kim Jaramillo

Senior:  major in Government and International Politics and minor in Data Analysis, George Mason University Schar School of Policy and Government
Hub Coordinator: Elections onAir

My internship with the Virginia Elections Hub is to progress my interest in public participation and policy and to contribute to the research and curation of reports.

I am highly organized, detail-oriented, personable, and responsible. I have acquired skills in group facilitation, time management, logical thinking and conflict resolution. I am adaptable, quick to pick up new skills and eager to learn more from my peers. 

Through my hands-on experiences, I am proficient at maintaining and promoting customer service by greeting and serving visitors and guests in a courteous and efficient manner, both in person and on the phone. I have also developed a friendly, outgoing, and guest service demeanor through my experiences in sales.

Location: Fairfax City, VA

Nick Soteriou

Senior: Government and International Politics major with a double minor of International and Comparative Politics, and Sociology
Treasurer: Schar Undergraduate Student Organization (SUSO)
OnAir Chapter Coordinator and Curator: Virginia Elections Hub

As far back as I can remember I have always been interested in government at all levels, from the local level to the federal level. So much so that I have considered a career in field of government since childhood. In addition to this, over the past couple of years I have become increasingly interested in the role of elections and electoral policy, and how it shapes the government of the United States. As such, I believe that I have the necessary background knowledge and drive to actively participate in this internship, and both contribute to and get as much out of it as possible.
Location:  Springfield, VA

State Delegate - Vivian E. Watts
State Senator - George L. Barker
US Congress - Don Beyer

Sarah Beavers

Senior: Schar School of Policy and Government, George Mason University
Aircasting Coordinator: Virginia Elections Hub

Teddy Porter

Senior: George Mason University majoring in Government and International Politics, minoring in International Security and Chinese
Curator: Virginia Elections Hub, 10th Congressional District

I have always been interested in the domestic politics especially the upcoming midterm elections. I believe that the right to vote is the most important form of expression as a citizen to this country. Through working Election OnAir I hope to broaden my knowledge on my states politics.

Location: Springfield, VA

Sergei A. Samoilenko

Instructor, Communication Department, George Mason University
Faculty Advisor, Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA)

Sergei Samoilenko's research focus is on public relations, crisis communication, reputation management, new media.

Salina Temesghen

Global Affairs MajorGeorge Mason University
Global Politics Fellow: Spring 2019
YouTube Coordinator: Virginia onAir

My term as an intern isn’t to only take it as part of George Mason’s Global fellowship and for course credit, but to be more educated in politics, government, philanthropy, and international relations.


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