David Toscano

Current Position: State Delegate since 2006
Affiliation: Republican
Former Position(s): Mayor Charlottesville ; Charlottesville City Council from 1994 – 1996

David Toscano’s priorities are education, energy, and the environment. He fights for education funding, against teacher pay freezes, and to protect VRS and retirement benefits. He pushes the cause of renewable energy, and stood against those who deny the reality of climate change.

He opposes predatory lending in its various forms. He argues for multifaceted transportation programs that include roads, rail, and public transit. He opposes cuts to services for the poor and disabled, defends a woman’s right to choose, and advances reforms in foster care and adoption, so that all children will have the opportunity to live productive lives in family settings free from abuse and neglect.

Sally Hudson

Current Position: State Delegate
Affiliation: Democrat

Sally Hudson understands that so many challenges we face are economic at their core, from the rising cost of housing and health care to the red tape holding back clean power production. She’s running for Delegate to deliver innovative reforms that secure genuine opportunity for all.

Sally also knows that real progress on policy requires fixing our democracy itself. That’s why she’s been a dedicated election reform advocate. Sally founded FairVote VA, a cross-partisan coalition working to advance ranked choice voting in Virginia. She is also an active volunteer with OneVirginia2021, the statewide anti-gerrymandering campaign, and a grassroots leader in Indivisible and Women of the Fifth.

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