VA House 66 – 2019

District Description: County of Chesterfield (part); City of Colonial Heights
Current Delegate: Kirk Cox since 1990 (R)

According to Ned Oliver of Virginia Mercury:

“Cox, the Republican speaker of the House, saw his district shift under the court-ordered redistricting plan from a seat in which Republicans had a 25.5 point advantage to a seat in which Democrats now hold a 6.5 point advantage (again, as calculated based on 2012 presidential election results). But a win for Democrats is far from a sure thing. Cox is well known from years of representing the area and has access to a massive $788,000 fundraising haul, which in typical years he’d use to boost other Republicans in tight races but is already tapping into to blanket the airwaves with television ads.”

Current Position: State Delegate
Affiliation: Republican

Kirk Cox was first elected from the 66th District to the House of Delegates in 1989. The 66th House District includes all of Colonial Heights and parts of Chesterfield. Kirk is proud to represent the very district where he grew up.

On January 10, 2018, Kirk was unanimously elected as Speaker of the House by the members of the House of Delegates. Upon being sworn in, Kirk became the first Speaker in state history from Colonial Heights, the first Speaker to represent a portion of Chesterfield County since the 1800s, and the first Speaker whose profession was that of a public school teacher.

Featured video: This interview was conducted by Katlyn Weiser in Kirk Cox’s office in Richmond, VA on Dec. 6, 2019. Original interview recording has not been edited in any way.

Sheila Bynum-Coleman

Current Position: Real Estate
Affiliation: Democrat
Candidate: 2019 State Delegate

Overview: N/A

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