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Current Position: State Senator for District 37 since 2010
Affiliation: Democrat

Dave Marsden was first elected Senator for the 37th District in 2010. The 37th District includes parts of Fairfax County.

Senator Marsden is Chair of the Senate Transportation Committee and is a member of the Conservation and Natural Resources, Commerce and Labor, Finance and Appropriations, and Rules committees. Senator Marsden was a member of the Virginia House of Delegates from 2006 to 2010.

The video interview  below was conducted by Nader Momtaz at the Sherwood Community Center in Fairfax City during the LWV-Fairfax Redistricting Forum on Nov. 17, 2019. Original interview recording has not been edited in any way.



Virginia State Senator David W. Marsden introduced wildlife conservation legislation that will benefit the Commonwealth’s wildlife and residents.

SB 1274 promotes the protection of wildlife corridors across the state by directing key agencies to incorporate wildlife corridors and road crossings into their planning. The legislation builds on the successful wildlife corridor legislation passed last year which directed the state to produce a Wildlife Corridor Action Plan (WCAP) to identify important wildlife corridors and road crossings. It also directs the departments of Conservation and Recreation, Transportation, and the State Forester to integrate the recommendations of the WCAP into their own strategic planning documents.

This legislation comes at an important time, as wildlife-vehicle collisions are an increasingly costly and dangerous impediment to Virginia’s motorists. More than 60,000 deer-related crashes occur within the state each year, costing approximately $533 million in damages annually.

Perhaps a third way
David MarsdenSeptember 28, 2019

The problem often is not what to do, but how to do it. Clearly, gas is less carbon intensive, less expensive and therefore preferable to coal, but it is still a greenhouse gas that an increasing number of Virginians are beginning to reject. Solar is cheaper than wind, but it is hard to find space.

The good news is that nuclear energy provides 40% of Virginia’s electricity and does not create greenhouse gases. Nonetheless, many Virginians are uncomfortable with the potential danger of a nuclear disaster.

So, what is the energy path forward? For me, there is a third way that does not demand so many huge utility-scale renewable projects or continued investment in pipelines and the use of fossil fuels. This third way consists of Dominion Energy, or some other private business entity, engaging in the home installation of solar in an entirely new way.

The bill was originally championed by Republican Senator Bill DeSteph, but has grown support within both parties. This year, the bill has sponsors from both parties, including DeSteph and Democratic Senator Dave Marsden, Democratic Delegate Alex Askew, Republican Delegate G. John Avoli and Republication Delegate Amanda Batten.

Jamie said the bill doesn’t just protect those students with epilepsy.

“The bill itself is really just an overall [protection for] any type of seizure. Like, any student can have a seizure,” she said. “There are over 40 different kinds of seizures, and so [school personnel] knowing how to respond to the most common ones – then there [will be] less injuries, fatalities and stuff like that.”

Virginia is set to become the second state, after California, to pass data privacy legislation. The bill could become law as soon April when Gov. Ralph Northam is expected to sign a measure that has passed both chambers of the state legislature but is awaiting a few last-minute tweaks.

Known as the Consumer Data Protection Act, the law would go into effect Jan. 1, 2023 and would apply to all business that control or process data for at least 100,000 Virginians, or those commercial entities that derive at least 50 percent of their revenues from the sale and processing of consumer data of at least 25,000 customers.

The law would exempt health care data and information collected for assessing credit worthiness. It would give consumers the right to determine whether their data is being collected and processed and ask for a copy of their data, correct inaccuracies, ask for the deletion of personal data, and opt out of the processing of personal data that may be used for targeted advertising, sale, or consumer profiling.

However, fellow Democrat Sen. David Marsden, who has experience overseeing the state’s juvenile justice system, said despite estimates of annual savings of more than $30,000 from housing and feeding inmates in that system, the actual savings was “somewhere in the $6,000 or $7,000 range.”

“We’re not saving as much as one would think on a death row prisoner,” Marsden said. “It will be a savings, as opposed to all of the litigation that goes into a death penalty case.”

In changing the Virginia code, Surovell said “capital murder” would be changed to “aggravated murder”. If the bill passes, future Class 1 felony convictions would have a maximum possible sentence of life in prison with no chance of parole.



Dave Marsden

Source: Campaign page

Elected to the Virginia Senate in 2010 in a special election, Senator Marsden has earned a reputation as a hard working legislator who gets things done for FairfaxCounty and the Commonwealth. Before serving in the Virginia Senate, he served 4 years in the Virginia House of Delegates. Never afraid to put progress above partisanship, Senator Marsden has worked with Democrats and Republicans to pass legislation to relieve traffic congestion, improve education, and create jobs and he brings over 40 years of experience and expertise in the juvenile justice field to the legislature.

A Life of Leadership and Service

A lifelong resident of Northern Virginia, Dave Marsden has lived in Burke since 1977 with his wife Julia. Burke is where they raised their three sons. Dave graduated From W.T. Woodson High School in 1966 and Randolph-MaconCollege in 1970, when he began a career in Juvenile Justice as a Probation Officer with the Fairfax County Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court. He went on to establish and operate FairfaxCounty’s shelter home for youth with severe family problems and was later appointed as the first Superintendent of Fairfax County’s JuvenileDetentionCenter. Under Dave’s 17 years of leadership, there was never an escape or serious injury to residents at the facility.

Dave left the detention center in 1999 to become the Legislative Aide for Virginia House of Delegates member Jim Dillard. In 2000 Governor Jim Gilmore appointed him Chief Deputy and then Acting Director of the 2700 person Virginia Department of Juvenile Justice. After serving for 6 months in the administration of Governor Mark Warner, Dave joined Development Services Group, Inc. (DSG), where he now manages a U.S. Department of Justice program that helps localities reduce youth gang activity and violent youth crime.

Dave has long been active in local community organizations. He served as President of the EnterpriseSchool and the West*Lynch Foundation, in addition to coaching basketball, football, and soccer with the Braddock Road Youth Club, (BRYC). He also coached baseball for the Annandale-North Springfield Little League.


Work Experience

  • Manager
    Development Services Group, Inc. (DSG),
    2019 to present

    Manages a U.S. Department of Justice program that helps localities reduce youth gang activity and violent youth crime.

  • Chief Deputy and then Acting Director
    Virginia Department of Juvenile Justice
    2000 to present
  • Superintendent
    Fairfax County’s Juvenile Detention Center
    1982 to 1999

Volunteer Experience

  • Coach
    2019 to present

    basketball, football, and soccer with the Braddock Road Youth Club, (BRYC). He also coached baseball for the Annandale-North Springfield Little League.

  • President
    Enterprise School
    2019 to present
  • President
    West Lynch Foundation
    2019 to present


  • BA
    2019 to present


Legislative Assistant: Matthew C. Rogers



Capitol Office
Pocahontas Building
Room No: E618
Senate of Virginia
P. O. Box 396
Richmond, VA 23218
Phone: (804) 698-7537
Fax: (804) 698-7651

District Office
P. O. Box 10889
Burke, VA 22009
Phone: (571) 249-3037


Government Page, Campaign Site, Twitter, Facebook


Source: Wikipedia

David W. “Dave” Marsden (born April 5, 1948, in Alexandria, Virginia) is an American politician of the Democratic Party. He currently represents the 37th district in the Senate of Virginia which is a portion of Fairfax County. Since 2006 and prior to serving in the State Senate, he served in the Virginia House of Delegates representing the 41st district. Prior to his career in politics he spent 17 years as head of the Fairfax County Juvenile Detention Center until 1999. In 2000 Governor Jim Gilmore appointed him Chief Deputy and then Acting Director of the 2,700-person Virginia Department of Juvenile Justice. He then served for 6 months in the administration of Governor Mark Warner.

On January 12, 2010, Marsden defeated Steve Hunt in a special Senate election to replace Republican Ken Cuccinelli who was elected Attorney General the previous fall. On January 13, 2010, Marsden was sworn in. An additional special election was held March 2, 2010 to replace Marsden in the Virginia House of Delegates. It was won by Democrat Eileen Filler-Corn.

Recent Elections

2019 State Senator

Dave W. Marsden (D)41,27890.28%
Write-In (Write-in)4,4439.72%

2015 State Senator

Dave Marsden (D)18,96655.4%
David Michael Bergman (R)15,21644.5%
Write In (Write-in)380.1%

2011 State Senator

Dave Marsden (D)19,84153.7%
Jason Andrew Flanary (R)17,03646.1%
Write In (Write-in)480.1%

2010 State Senator

Dave Marsden (D)11,95450.6%
Steve M. Hunt (R)11,62749.3%
Write In (Write-in)210.1%


MARSDEN, DAVE  has run in 4 races for public office, winning 4 of them. The candidate has raised a total of$1,717,979.

Source: Follow the Money



Agriculture, Conservation and Natural Resources
Local Government


Civic Education, Commission on
Civic Education Subcommittee #1
Disability Commission
School Facility Modernization
Virginia Foundation for Healthy Youth
Youth, Commission on

Voting Record

See: Vote Smart

New Legislation

Source: Ballotpedia


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