Adam Black

Adam Black



Much of my academic coursework within my major utilizes ArcGIS software. During this semester, I have been working on a multipart project which focuses on agricultural fertilizer applications throughout the United States. A few examples of the products that have been constructed for this project include an infographic, multivariate map, and an animated time lapse map. A web map has also been created via CartoDB. I also worked on a project last semester for a web mapping class in which I displayed parking violations throughout DC for a given month. Using JavaScript and HTML, I was able to cluster the locations depending on the user’s view. The user could also search for specific state license plates to compare how many vehicles from certain states received violations.

Some of my other experience has stemmed from my service with a student-led humanitarian mapping club called Mason Mappers. I am currently the secretary of the club and I have held a couple of OpenStreetMap workshops designed to showcase the features of the software. Special events called “Map-a-thons” have been hosted to allow members and non-members alike to use OSM for mapping roads, buildings, and other structures for humanitarian purposes. Through my internship, I submitted a proposal for my own research topic involving the collection and analysis of cropland soil data. My methods included extracting soil quality data from the NRCS’s Soil Survey and collecting data directly from farming equipment in my hometown.


MS, Geographic and Cartographic Sciences
George Mason University

Cumulative GPA: 3.68


Research Intern 
Chaden (trceability company)
Fall 2018 – Spring 2019

• Submitted a research proposal regarding the spatial distribution of soil quality on
• Collected data on soil productivity, soil type, and elevation
• Created maps using ArcMap that displayed how the three variables influence crop

Peer Writing Tutor
Spring 2018 to present

• Collaborate with clients on essays, reports, research processes, theses, etc., to provide strong feedback, a plan for developing/revising their paper, and some strategies for their next writing assignment.

Learning Assistant
GGS Department
Spring 2019 to present

• Learning assistant for a 300-level introduction to GIS course.
• Duties include aiding students with their coursework during class, assisting the
professor with class plans, and holding office hours.


• ArcGIS software and Adobe Illustrator/Photoshop
• Foundation in Python and JavaScript
• Microsoft Office
• Collaborative and Adaptable


Member of Geography Honor Society
Gamma Theta Upsilon (GTU).

Dean’s List
Fall 2016, Fall 2017, Spring 2018, and Fall 2018.


Mason Mappers
Spring 2017 to present

• April 2018-April 2019 I was secretary of the club. I now hold the position of treasurer
• Project supervisor of a team that is developing a map displaying the correlation
between crime statistics and education within the DC Metro Area.
• Worked with a team in 2017 to update the historical map pamphlet for Fairfax County
using ArcMap and Adobe Illustrator


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