Become an Intern

Become an Intern


Democracy onAir welcomes any US citizen to apply for an internship. We require a minimum commitment of 6 hours per week.

We have a special interest in working with undergraduate and graduate students majoring in government, communications, media, or a related field with a passion to improve democracy in the US.  Students (and other US citizens) who want to intern with Democracy onAir this year can submit their resume along with an introductory email articulating why you are interested in being a Democracy onAir intern and include a link, if appropriate, to your relevant academic program (internship, capstone project, research project etc.) to: 

About US Democracy onAir

To reinvigorate our imperiled democracy, US Democracy onAir is developing 50 curated, media rich online state governance and election Hubs and a central US Hub. We are supporting the US public to become more informed about and engaged in federal, state, and local politics while facilitating more civil and positive collaboration.

US Democracy onAir is a growing coalition of individuals and organizations creating a new kind of digital democracy network. Participation is open to all US citizens and qualifying organizations. Democracy onAir, a nonpartisan 501c3 nonprofit, is providing the technology, curation, and organizational support needed to establish a dynamic, evolving network.

To learn more about the US Democracy onAir network, go to this post with 2 minute introductory video.

Why become an intern?

The primary internship benefits beyond helping to reinvigorate democracy are intended to be career-enhancing:

  • Visibility in your field; potential contact with thought leaders, organizations, and potential employers
  • Skill development in political communication, media, and other position-specific opportunities such as grant-writing, video editing, and team management
  • Interaction and networking with politicians and other nonprofit organizations
  • Career opportunities with Democracy onAir and US Democracy onAir coalition organizations
  • Potential for individualized projects and skill development
  • Cash awards for the most impactful interns for specific contributions to US Democracy projects.

Internships are mostly self-directed with weekly online meetings. Since most of the internship work is done remotely, students are on an honor system as to the hours they report to us. Part-time interns do not receive any monetary compensation.

The internship is intended to be a learning experience as much as it is a work experience. Interns will deepen their knowledge of democratic processes in individual states as well as the United States as a whole. Interns will also gain a better understanding of contemporary politics and issues, whether they are local, regional, or nationl.


Help manage your State Hub

  • Serve as team leader for your state’s hub e.g. VA Democracy onAir;
  • Outreach to other universities, organizations, and other groups in your state such as these universities;
  • Start an OnAir chapter at your local university;
  • Communicate with and work in tandem with other State Hubs in the US onAir Network;
  • Coordinate State Hub curators and moderators.

Be a Post Curator

  • Gathering and posting information on committees and representatives in state legislatures;
  • Provide up to date and relevant new articles, press releases, commentary, and more;
  • Moderate forum discussion in posts that you are interested in

Be an Aircast Producer

Aircasts are Zoom meetings with a host, featured guests, and an online audience livestreamed to the public and archived as YouTube videos in this Hub and YouTube channel.

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