Rob Bell

Current Position: State Delegate since 2002
Affiliation: Republican

Rob Bell has written laws that crack down on repeat-offense drunk driving and keep sex offenders off school property. He has also passed laws to expand Virginia’s protective orders and to require life in prison for those convicted of raping children.  In 2015 he wrote the law to address sexual assaults on college campuses, and in 2016 Bell led the effort to expand Virginia’s stalking laws and empower crime victims.

In recent years, Rob has worked to improve mental health care in Virginia. In 2014, he patroned Virginia’s “bed of last resort” law to ensure that a bed at a state hospital is always available when a court has ordered treatment.

Elizabeth Alcorn

Current Position: Dentist
Affiliation: Democrat
Candidate: 2019 State Delegate

Overview: N/A

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