Interviews with Gen Z VA voters

Goals for Interviews

Voter Segment Hypotheses

1- Most generations of voters do not know who their state senators and delegates are and their positions on key issues … nor they know what districts they are in and what the boundaries of the districts are.

2- Most voters have had little personal interaction, whether in person or electronically,  with their state representatives

Voting Segments

Gen Z  (born 1996… ages 18 to 23) … this Thurs & Friday at JC
Millennials or Gen Y (born 1981 … ages 24 to 38)
Gen X (born 1963 … ages 39 to 56)
Baby Boomers (born 1946 … ages 57 to 73)
Silent Generation (born 1929 .. ages 74 to 90)

NoVA politicians: 12 state senators  30 state delegates + candidates on ballot (40?)


Do you have 10 minutes or so to answer some questions about voting in Virginia elections and learning about your representatives and candidates?

Name, email address (?), age, education

1- Are you registered to vote?

2- Voting History (esp. 2018, 2017, 2016) … Are you planning to vote in Nov. 5, 2019 state elections for your senator and delegate?

3- Do you know who your US Senators are?  Congressman and District # & what area covers? Governor, Lt Gov, AG?…. State Senator & Delegate & Districts # and what area covers

4- How do you learn about your representatives and candidates?

5- How have you interacted with your reps… in person, electronically?

6- What questions do you want your politicians (reps and candidates esp. state senators & delegate candidates) to answer … then ask them to rank our current top 5

Lastly, after showing “Who represents me” feature on phone, ask for their feedback

Video Interview Questions

(__) Why did you get involved in politics?

(__) What has been your most significant accomplishment to date

(__)  What is the most important new legislation you want to patron for the 2020 General Assembly?

(__) What is the question you are most frequently asked, and how do you reply to this question?

(__) What would you recommend to students about wanting to get more engaged with the democratic process?


Ny-Jhee Jones, Nader Momtaz, and Brock Ashton

Target Interviewees

20 to 30 years living and voting in VA

Jhee’s Interview Notes

Person #2-

Person #3-

Nader’s Interview Notes

Person #21-

Person #22-

Brock’s Interview Notes

Person #41-

Person #42-


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