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My name is Parvin Ghahremani. I am a current undergraduate student at George Mason University majoring in Government and International Politics with a concentration in International Relations. I am currently involved with the Global Politics Fellows Program and am completing this spring an internship with Democracy onAir.

Why I am interning with Democracy onAir…

I decided to pursue an internship at Democracy on Air after learning about their mission to get students involved in politics at the state and federal levels. As a Government and International Politics major, I am constantly learning about issues that pertain to our government which is why I am eager to intern at Democracy onAir and spread awareness on the importance of protecting our democracy.

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How would I improve U.S. Democracy
Why Democracy Matters to Me
Parvin GhahremaniJanuary 28, 2022

Democracy gives citizens a voice in legislation. In a democracy, citizens are allowed to freely express their opinions and beliefs through elected representatives. Without a democracy, citizens would not have a say in how they are governed and by who they are governed.

The ability to have a voice in legislation through elected representatives is a privilege that we should not take for granted. As a dual citizen of the U.S and Mexico, I have been able to see the difference in how both countries deal with democracy.

As a Mexican citizen, I have witnessed the effects of having government officials in office who are not there to represent the people’s interests but their own. As an American citizen, I have had the privilege to witness change through representatives that are in office by the people and for the people. Democracy matters to me because it has allowed me to have a voice in legislation that affects my everyday life.



George Mason University- Schar School of Policy and Government

BA: Government and International Politics with a concentration in International Relations

Expected December 2022


My Major

My Professional Goals

OnAir activities

I am currently the Director for Virginia onAir as a part of my internship with Democracy onAir.

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My Major


My Professional Goals




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