A.C. Cordoza

A.C. Cordoza


Current Position: State Delegate for VA House District 91 since 2022
Affiliation: Republican

A.C. Cordoza was born to a family full of work ethic and a belief in service to our nation.  Growing up, A.C. spent many days working with his father learning the value of hard work and technical precision serving as an apprentice to his fathers construction projects.


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Enlisting into the Air Force to serve America was A.C.’s destiny as generations of Cordozas had done.  Following a service of 3 years A.C. honorably left the Air Force and sought to further his education at Thomas Nelson Community College. There he began to gain interest in politics during the 2008 Presidential Campaign as the possibility of the nation electing the first black President. Soon after the election, A.C. began reflecting on the policies of the new Democratic Party finding that his core values did not align with the Democrats, but the Republicans.

Today A.C. works in cyber security for Newport News Shipbuilding where he focuses on keeping our Naval assets safe against enemy threats. He lives in Hampton where he serves as Vice-Chairman of the Hampton Republican Party.


Legislative Assistant: Taya Sanders
Chief of Staff: Bryana Hogge
Administrative Assistant During Session: Karen Aho



Capitol Office
900 E Main Street,
Richmond, Virginia 23218
Room: E423
Phone: 804) 698-1091

District Office
P.O. Box 14545
Newport News, VA 23608
Phone: (757) 241-1321


Twitter, Government Page, Campaign Site, LinkedIn


Source: Government

Committee Membership

Communications, Technology and Innovation
Counties Cities and Towns
Public Safety

Subcommittee Membership

Counties Cities and Towns – Subcommittee #2
Public Safety – Subcommittee #1


Covid-19 Business Recovery Solutions

Virginia must continue to move forward in opening our economy safely. Governor Northam’s one size fits all approach proved detrimental to many local businesses and families. The restaurant/hospitality industry was hit the hardest with some workers never returning following the shutdown. Virginia must focus on working with the private sector to retrain our workforce. The commonwealth must continue to provide relief to those businesses that are struggling in the wake of the pandemic. State agencies must work with local businesses, not against them in this ongoing effort to open the economy.


As your delegate I will be dedicated to making Virginia #1 in Healthcare. I will work to ensure all Virginians with preexisting conditions are protected. As your Delegate, I will support legislation that protects firefighters who develop cancer on the job.

Military Veterans and Family Resources

As a Veteran, A.C. knows that our nation’s heroes deserve our admiration and respect. Military families face many challenges in daily life that include finding affordable housing, career development and furthering educational growth. It is critical that we continue providing the proper support  for those veterans seeking mental health resources.

2nd Amendment Constitutional Rights

As a veteran, A.C. supports law abiding citizens rights to self defense. Gun safety and firearms education is critical in maintaining our Constitutional rights. The 91st District has a strong heritage of hunting and outdoors shooting exercises.


Our community must continue to focus on career and technical education in our public schools. The life skills learned through these programs offer the opportunity for our young people to have meaningful careers in our economy. The current status quo of education is failing. We must look at alternative solutions for students who are falling through the cracks of our public schools. We must provide our schools the resources needed to be #1 in education.


Virginia businesses have been severely affected through a loss of revenue because of Covid-19. A.C. opposes unnecessary tax hikes and fees on Virginians. It is critical that Virginia maintain a reasonable cost of living for the working class.


Our area is inherently intertwined with the Chesapeake Bay,  daily life depends on clean air and water.  It is critical that we continue to focus on Oyster restoration efforts, maintaining the quality of our public beaches and ensuring the sustainability of our local fisheries.  Supporting environmentally friendly initiatives like Virginia’s offshore wind initiative will be imperative continuing into the future.

Safe Communities

Our communities depend on the men and women in Blue to keep order and protect our neighborhoods from mayhem.  Virginia continues to struggle fighting the evils of Human Trafficking and A.C. supports efforts to end this exploitation of vulnerable individuals. I will support pay increases for our hardworking law enforcement officers.

Criminal Justice Reform

A.C. will work with faith and community leaders to find common ground regarding criminal justice reform. A.C. believes that criminal justice reforms can be achieved while maintaining our respect for the rule of law but it will take a uniter, not a divider to accomplish this important issue.


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