Amanda Chase

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Current Position: State Senator for VA Senate District 11 since 2016
Affiliation: Republican

Candidate: 2019 State Senator VA Senate District 11

Mission Statement: N/A


Amanda Chase


Senator Amanda Chase is not a politician.  She’s a mom who fights for everyone and has proven she can get things done for the people of her district.

A trusted advocate and outspoken voice for Virginia families, Amanda was first elected in 2015 to represent the 11th Senatorial District. The district includes all of Amelia County, the City of Colonial Heights and most of Chesterfield County, where she has lived since 1979.

Amanda serves as a member of 4 committees: Health and Education, Transportation, Local Governments, Privileges and Elections. and 2 subcommittees: Certificate of Public need and Higher Education. A champion for creating greater transparency and accessibility, she has been affectionately called “Senator Transparency”.  Amanda was only a freshman member when she co-founded Virginia’s Transparency Caucus. Thanks to her instrumental work, for the first time in Virginia’s history any citizen has the ability to view committee work online from the convenience of their computer or mobile device.

Amanda has also led in the fight against Medicaid Expansion, educating her constituents and colleagues on why this is a fiscally reckless and unsustainable Trojan Horse for the state of Virginia.  That said, she has also proven she can work across the aisle on issues that matter to Virginians like water quality, coal ash clean-up, campaign finance reform, property rights and reducing the red tape in government. Amanda played a key role in passing historic legislation on the handling of coal ash in the state of Virginia, ensuring coal ash which contains various carcinogenic chemicals are excavated and deposited into protective lined coal ash depositories.  Amanda passed a record 11 pieces of legislation last year signed into law by a Democrat governor. Amanda notably sponsored and helped pass Senate Bill 20, which will take effect July 1, 2019 and create a pilot program to reduce regulatory requirements and red tape.

Amanda has been a leader on government accountability in calling for a review of Economic Development Authorities in the state of Virginia and requiring localities to have their budgets approved by local board members who are elected by the people. Her comments led to the suspension of the infamous Matoaca Megasite located in the Bermuda district for its lack of transparency and support from 40,000 residents that lived nearby.

In her commitment to remain accessible to her constituents, Amanda not only has office hours out of session. For the last 3 years she has faithfully hosted her hour-long weekly radio townhall where constituents tune in each week and ask any her question.

She has received several awards during her first 2 years in office including the 2017 Virginia Chamber of Commerce Distinguished Advocate For Virginia Business, the 2017 James River Association Hero Award and the 2016 Legislator of the Year Award from the Treasurers’ Association of Virginia.

Amanda grew up in Bon Air, Virginia, where she attended Chesterfield County public schools.  She graduated from Monacan High School in 1988. In 1992, she graduated from Virginia Tech with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business, double majoring in Corporate Finance and Business Management.

In addition to being a small business owner, Amanda has served as management in both the private and public sectors in the banking, credit and finance industry.

Amanda and her husband, Michael Chase, have 4 children and make their home in Chesterfield County.



Work Experience

  • Small Business Owner
    2019 to present

    Financial Services

  • Political Campaign Grassroots Management Business
    2019 to present


  • B.S., Business
    Virginia Polytechnic Institute
    1992 to present

    double majoring in Corporate Finance and Business Management.


  • 2017 Virginia Chamber of Commerce Distinguished Advocate For Virginia Business (2017)
  • 2017 James River Association Hero Award (2017)
  • 2016 Legislator of the Year Award from the Treasurers’ Association of Virginia. (2016)


Born in Sheffield, Alabama on December 1, 1969. Married Michael Glen Chase.


District Office: Lauren Fulcher



Capitol Office
Pocahontas Building
Room No: E523
Senate of Virginia
P. O. Box 396
Richmond, VA 23218
Phone: (804) 698-7511

District Office
P. O. Box 5811
Midlothian, VA 23112
Phone: (804) 698-7511


Government Page, Campaign Site, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram


Source: Campaign

co-founded Virginia’s Transparency Caucus …”Thanks to her instrumental work, for the first time in Virginia’s history any citizen has the ability to view committee work online from the convenience of their computer or mobile device.”

Recent Elections

2015 State Senator for VA Senate District 11

Amanda Chase (R)27,21863.6%
Ernest Wayne Powell (D)215,48536.2%
Write In (Write-in)1110.3%


CHASE, AMANDA F has run in 1 race for public office, winning 1 of them. The candidate has raised a total of $255,840.

Source: Follow the Money



Education and Health
Local Government
Privileges and Elections


Block Grants
Centennial Anniversary of Women’s Right to Vote, Task Force to Commemorate the
Civic Education, Commission on
Civic Education Subcommittee #1
Economic Opportunity for Virginians in Aspiring and Diverse Communities, Commission on I
Intergovernmental Cooperation, Virginia Commission on

Voting Record

See: Vote Smart

New Legislation

Source: Virginia Legislative Information System


Better Government

Fighting for Limited Government

Amanda is champion of small government and allowing you to keep more of your own money. She consistently opposed all tax and fee increases, has voted against government takeover of healthcare and every year since she took office, she has introduced term limit legislation to stop career politicians. Amanda is also a staunch defender of religious freedom who supports legislation that would put our national motto “In God We Trust” in public schools. She will continue to be a tireless advocate for limited, transparent and fiscally responsible government.


Supporting Virginia Businesses

Small businesses of various industries are a driving force behind Virginia’s economy.  Amanda has led in the fight to lower taxes and ensure that the commonwealth of Virginia remains attractive to start and grow businesses. She is the Chief Patron of SB20, a pilot program to reduce government regulation which was signed into law by the Governor.  Amanda has been recognized by the Virginia Chamber of Commerce as a Distinguished Advocate for Virginia business for her continued commitment to opposing tax and fee increases and cutting the red tape in government in order to help businesses grow.


Educating our Next Generation

Virginia’s students deserve proper funding and adequate resources to ensure they have the strongest foundation for success. Amanda is also a firm believer in school choice—your quality of education shouldn’t be determined by your zip code. She supports allowing parents to seek options that they believe provide the best opportunity for their child. Amanda has also voted to reduce the number of SOL testing required for students because she recognizes that standardized testing isn’t the only indicator of student’s success. As a mom, Amanda will always view school safety as critical and support keeping kids safe by having armed police officers at each school.

Health Care

Protecting our Health Care

Affordable healthcare will continue to remain a top priority for Virginia families, and it’s a top priority for Amanda too. Amanda introduced a healthcare cost transparency bill that would require healthcare providers to give patients an estimated cost of services prior to services being provided. She has also sponsored legislation that would allow individuals to purchase insurance across state lines and supported several healthcare bills that would have provided business owners with group insurance as well as temporary insurance for individuals in between jobs.



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