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Current Position: Senior Aide, Prince William County Board of Supervisors
Affiliation: Republican
Candidate: 2019 State Delegate



Source: Campaign page

Heather Mitchell is running for the Virginia House of Delegates in the 2nd District because Heather knows that a citizen serving the needs of her neighbors is the best way to truly represent their shared community. As the mother of three children and the proud spouse of a dedicated active duty prior-enlisted Marine Corps Officer, Heather understands what it means to get the job done. For Heather no issue or legislative mission will be too big to fight for and no family issue too small not to care about.

Before her current marriage, Heather tirelessly worked and successfully managed the demands of three jobs, as a single mother, in order to provide a quality life for her young daughter. Heather’s determination for a better life led her down a path of public service. She has fought to provide answers that make sense in order to solve the real issues facing our community.

Our honored Military has had and will continue to have no better friend and no fiercer advocate than Heather Mitchell. She understands on the most personal level the sacrifice that the members of our military and their families make serving and protecting our freedom. Heather has personally worked through many of the frustrating barriers military families face each day and will be a strong, Semper fi voice in Richmond for our beloved veterans. As the next Delegate, she will continue fighting the bureaucrats and their infuriating red tape in order to provide the needed resources and support that our service men and women deserve.

Heather’s commitment to working on a truly grassroots level has given her a unique insight on how to best serve you and your family in the 2nd District. Heather has a passion for speaking with our community members face to face in their front yards and at their kitchen tables. You could be a family of 7, or a single parent of one…a young person just out of college, or entering retirement; Heather recognizes the needs and issues most important to you. It is precisely this personal devotion to your concerns that enables her to work with local officials and offer results-oriented solutions. What’s more, as a Senior Aide to the Prince William County Board of Supervisors, Heather has incomparable knowledge of the transportation, education, and financial needs of our region.

As the next Delegate Heather will loyally represent the needs of the entire 2nd District. Jobs and the Economy should work for everyone. Taxes should make sense, transportation shouldn’t be the bane of your existence and proper, affordable education for all our children is a goal that simply must be achieved.


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Campaign Office
P.O. Box 203 Garrisonville, VA 22463
Phone: (540) 699-0820


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Having worked three jobs as a single mother, Heather understands hard work. In Richmond, Heather will cut unnecessary government red tape and give small businesses the opportunity to grow. Bringing 21st century job opportunities to the 2nd District is vital to the future success of the next generation in Prince William and Stafford.


Heather has advocated to make sure small business owners, military service members, and middle class families are not the targets of higher taxes. Revenue projections in Virginia have fallen short in the past few years, especially when coupled with several large government program spending increases. As the next Delegate, Heather will always vote to keep taxes low and put more of your hard earned money back into your pocket.


Virginia students borrow over $1 billion per year to attend college, creating a growing cache of student debt that slows down our economy and hurts our children’s future. In Richmond, Heather will be a huge proponent for combating the rising cost of tuition in Virginia. As the mother of three children who have gone through the public school system, Heather knows the importance of a high quality K-12 education. Heather supports reducing classroom sizes, limiting reliance on standardized testing and creating a direct school to workforce pipeline for students who don’t believe college is the right choice for them.


Heather knows that having a large family often means having to be in two or three different places at the same time. Missing a soccer game or being late to work because of Rt. 1 congestion is becoming the new norm for everyday life. In Richmond, Heather will press for more funding to improve Rt. 1 and I-95, offer innovative solutions to alleviate congestion, and keep the ball moving so you can spend more time with your family.


In the News

Transportation is key issue in Mitchell’s run for House of Delegates in North Stafford, Woodbridge
Potomac Local News – May 22, 2019

Heather Mitchell, currently a senior aide to Prince William County Board of Supervisors is running for the Virginia House of Delegates and is focused on transportation, education, and veterans.

Known in Republican circles for her support for gubernatorial and U.S. Senate candidate Corey Stewart, this is Mitchell’s first time seeking statewide office.




Interview with Heather Mitchell

Content of Interview:

The district Heather Mitchell is representing is the 2nd house district, which is Stafford county up to Prince William County. She moved to VA in 2014 while her husband is active duty Marine Corps and her daughters all moved to Virginia for school. Heather got involved in politics because she wanted to put some roots down. She started volunteering with delegate races, statewide races, volunteered for the local Republican committee.

Mitchell realized that her current delegate of Stafford and Prince William was not involved in community events and never showed up as much as a representative should. She thinks that representatives should be involved and felt compelled to run because nobody was running against her current delegate in the November elections.

She says that the number one issue in this district is transportation and infrastructure and wants to expand VRE services to promote the use of public transportation. Furthermore, Mitchell thinks that the issue that people do not pay as much attention to  is the local elections. They have a significant impact on individual lives. Mitchell recommends that people reach out to their local committees and get involved so they can find out what is going on in the area and how they can help.

Her biggest accomplishment is raising her children the way they were raised.


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