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Herb Jones
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Current Position: CEO, Pyramid Technologies, LLC, since 2014
Affiliation: Democrat
Candidate: 2022 US Representative for US House District 1
Former Position: New Kent County Treasur from 1999 – 2010

“On January 6, 2020 the Republican incumbent voted against certifying the election. That vote tried to overthrow the will of 2.4 million Virginia voters. The founding principles of our Nation are under attack and now, more than ever, we need courageous leaders to fight back.”

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Source: Campaign page

Herb began his career in government service as a second lieutenant in the 24th Infantry Division, Fort Stewart, Georgia. Over the next 10 years, he was stationed at Fort Sam Houston, Texas; Fort Meade, Maryland; Bangkok, Thailand; and Fort Lee, Virginia. Herb left active duty to start a career in finance and investments with Edward Jones, Signet Financial Services, Bank of America, and Colonial Downs.

Herb ran to be the County Treasurer for New Kent in 1999 and served three terms. At the same time, he remained in the US Army Reserves. He was called up twice after 9/11 and served here in Virginia and two tours in Iraq. In 2011, Herb decided not run for a fourth term and took a position with the federal government as a operations officer in Afghanistan 2012. He served in that capacity until November 2014. Herb retired in 2012 as the rank of full colonel.

As a result of Herb’s extensive military knowledge and experience, Virginia Governor Ralph Northam appointed Herb to his Military Advisory Council. In 2014, Herb and his brother, Michael, started Pyramid Technologies, LLC, a cloud-computing, project management, and logistics firm. He currently serves as the co-founder and CEO of Pyramid. Herb is a long time member of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Incorporated. He and his wife, Yvonne, reside in the Providence Forge area of New Kent County. Yvonne is a retired educator who served as the principal at New Kent High School for 14 years. They have two sons, and one grandson.


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JONES JR, HERBERT C (HERB) has run in 1 race for public office, winning 0 of them. The candidate has raised a total of $91,817.

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Source: Campaign page

On January 6, 2021, the Republican incumbent voted against certifying the presidential election. He ignored the will of 2.4 million Virginia voters.

The founding principles of our Nation are under attack. Now, more than ever, we need ethical and courageous leaders to fight back.

Economy & Jobs

The American people are hurting right now. Gas, prescription drugs, and education costs are at an all-time high. We need to cut these prices so that everyone can afford gas to fill their tanks, medications they need, the education they desire, and goods and services to provide for their families. This won’t be done by allowing billion-dollar corporations to dictate policy. I’m ready to stand up for the people of Virginia and explain to the career politicians in Washington how empty our wallets are right now. I’ll start by voting for the very protections against gas price gouging that my opponent voted no on.

I also believe unions are critical to a flourishing workforce and economy. Unions are the bedrock of the American middle class. Unions guarantee a minimum wage, overtime rules, severance pay, and other essential benefits that all Americans should enjoy today. Given the changing workforce needs, unions and the training opportunities they provide are vital in preparing the next generation of skilled workers and vital for the future of the Commonwealth of Virginia and the United States. I will not let big businesses trample the successes of American unions. I will protect the rights of our working class. I strongly support the ProAct to expand employees’ labor protections.

Environment & Energy

I want my grandchildren and their children to grow up in a habitable and safe environment. We will consume most, if not all, mineable fossil fuels by the end of this century. It is essential that we invest in clean energy to power our future. We can encourage this by providing tax incentives for clean energy companies and revoking the tax breaks that the fossil fuel industry benefits from. By expanding our sources of renewable energy, we will create new jobs for an emerging generation of working-class citizens.

The First District is the loving home of the Chesapeake Bay. We rely on it for the vast environmental benefits it provides as well as the economic opportunities it creates. However, we must not take it for granted.  It is our responsibility to protect it and conserve its vast environmental resources by expanding funding for the Chesapeake Bay Program and promoting clean air and clean water initiatives nationwide.

Our country needs expansive infrastructure and broadband to make it fully accessible  to all and to maximize our economic potential. My opponent voted against the bipartisan infrastructure package that will provide funding to carry out the maintenance our district desperately needs on roads like I-64 and bridges like the Norris Bridge in the Northern Neck.

Our rural communities are lagging behind in broadband technology. We must invest in broadband across the country and ensure that all communities can access reliable, high-speed internet service. It is no longer a luxury to do so; it is essential for the 21st century. In Congress, I will fight to have access to broadband and high-speed internet for everyone. Anyone who votes against similar bills does not have our community’s best interests in mind.

Health & Education

Every American deserves access to high-quality and affordable healthcare. This means expanding and increasing the funding of the VA for our nation’s veterans. This means supporting mental health care initiatives and investing in addiction treatment programs. This means ensuring that citizens in rural communities do not have to travel multiple hours to visit a general practitioner. This means that all women and men have the right to accessible, affordable, and expert healthcare delivered with respect and appreciation for their cultural needs, values, and beliefs. This includes access to family planning —which my opponent voted to defund —as well as other providers of essential healthcare for women and men.

I believe that all women should have bodily autonomy and that each woman— along with her doctor and those she may invite into her personal decision-making—is best equipped to manage her healthcare and reproductive decisions, NOT the government.

I will work with other leaders in Washington to improve our healthcare system through efficiencies and improved automation. You have my word that I will fight tirelessly to ensure no more citizens fall through the cracks of the expansive healthcare world.

As the husband of a lifelong educator, I know the ways our education system needs to be improved. I know the  education of our children is the most meaningful investment we can make in our country’s future. We must do this properly by providing support to our nation’s students at every step of their academic journey. We must start this by providing universal pre-K, equipping children with the skills they need before entering elementary school.

It is essential that our children are taught by the best and brightest talent available. To acquire and retain the best and brightest, we must raise our teachers’ salaries so that they are compensated appropriately for their tireless work.

We must also set our children up for success following high school. I will fight for this by supporting student loan forgiveness plans and insisting upon comprehensive funding for post-graduation plans in addition to college.

Public Safety


There is a desperate need for criminal justice reform to keep all of our communities safe. This includes federally legalizing marijuana and ending the war on drugs that has disproportionately incarcerated people of color for decades.

It also includes properly equipping our police departments with the resources needed to protect the people. We must make sure that there are comprehensive national training requirements for police officers and that the departments are prepared to conduct necessary training. We also must ban chokeholds and no-knock warrants so that more people will not lose their lives at the hands of brutality. From Day One in Congress, I will push for meaningful reform fighting for a system that works for all of us.


During my time overseas, I handled automatic weapons designed to wage and win wars. Because of this, I know these weapons do not belong in the hands of civilians. I proudly defended our Constitution, including the 2nd Amendment, while serving. My wife and I are gun owners to this day. However, I firmly believe we need commonsense gun laws. We need background checks and red flag laws. We need to protect our communities and we need to do it now. I do not want to see any more children lose their lives at the hands of greedy politicians who prefer to cash in checks from the gun lobby rather than protect the next generation of Americans.

Gun safety is not a political issue; it is a public health issue. Gun safety is a commonsense issue. Far too many people are impacted by gun violence, gun-related suicides, and gun-related accidents. This must be addressed by our leaders in Washington. When I am elected, I will fight for immediate and meaningful reform, including mandatory background checks, implementing red flag laws, and ending the gun show loophole.

After serving 30 years in the military, I know that sometimes the hardest battles are fought when we attempt to reenter civilian life. Congress funnels billions of dollars each year into our military, as they should; however, if just a fraction of that funding was used to assist veterans here at home, then we would see enormous progress. I have seen too many people I served with suffer due to a lack of mental health resources.

Modernizing the VA is another way we can save lives. The VA, like many other government agencies, is still stuck in the 20th Century. Advertising their services and providing more flexible accessibility through modernized technological platforms is crucial to ensure that everyone who needs help can easily access it.

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