Kelly McGinn

Kelly McGinn


Current Position: Former Senior Counsel for International Human Rights
Affiliation: Republican
Candidate: 2019 State Delegate

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Source: Campaign page


Kelly grew up in a faith-filled, close-knit family that valued hard work and serving others. She babysat throughout high school for many families, earning enough money to visit her grandparents in Ireland for a summer and to self-finance her living expenses in college. Kelly’s family also regularly served at soup kitchens and volunteered in the community.


As a high school exchange student on a government scholarship program in Germany during the 80s, Kelly’s love of our country and her appreciation for our free market system grew. Visits to East Berlin and Moscow impressed upon her the stark reality that the communist system meant poverty and limited life options for millions of those walled inside the Eastern bloc.


Kelly is a summa cum laude graduate of the School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University where she studied International Politics. She went on to earn a law degree at the University of Virginia Law School. She knows that promoting access to education and job training is vital to our community and that one’s education is not limited to formal schooling but is instead a lifelong endeavor. She’ll work to promote a rich cultural environment in our area where libraries, the arts, and civic organizations are valued.   


Kelly’s dream in law school was to be a human rights lawyer. It came true when she was hired as Senior Counsel for International Human Rights to Senator Sam Brownback of Kansas. Advocating on behalf of political prisoners, child slaves, and the poorest of the poor and serving as a voice for persecuted people around the world deepened Kelly’s passion to continue fighting for the most vulnerable at home and abroad.


Since she decided to become a full-time mother, Kelly has devoted herself to the most important work in the world – raising the next generation. She and her husband built their first home in Prince William County because they wanted their kids to grow up in a diverse community where they could play outside and truly enjoy the innocence of childhood. She believes parents are the first and most important teachers of their children and will fight to protect the rights of parents against governmental overreach into the upbringing of their children.


Work Experience





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Civil Rights

Defending the Most Vulnerable

The life of every single Virginian is important to Kelly. That’s why she’ll fight for the littlest Virginians among us and is 100% pro-life and pro-woman. As an adoptive mom, Kelly is passionate about helping unite families through foster care and adoption. She believes respecting life means looking out for people at every stage including the seriously ill, people in economic distress, and the elderly.


Kelly knows our economy thrives when government gets out of the way. She and her husband have run a small business and recognize that entrepreneurship is key for economic growth. We must continue to make Virginia the best place to do business, grow our local economy, and create high-quality jobs.


Quality educational opportunities are vital as we raise our next generation. Kelly will work with local school board officials to help our young people get the very best education here at home and affordable access to our state colleges and universities.

Health Care

Kelly knows we must reduce healthcare costs and ensure access to lifesaving treatment for those with preexisting conditions. She will work with public health experts to bring market solutions to the healthcare industry and keep more dollars in your pocket.


Better Roads

We all know our roads need work. Route 28, in particular, is an ongoing traffic bottleneck that we need to fix. Increasing traffic congestion is not just a drain on our time but it is also a safety concern as it can lead to aggressive driving and more accidents. Kelly will fight for our fair share of transportation funding so that we can finally get traffic congestion under control.


There is nothing more important than keeping our children and community safe. Kelly will work with law enforcement, faith leaders, public health officials, and community members to find common sense solutions to problems facing our citizens. Kelly is particularly concerned about the rise of gangs, opioid addiction, and human trafficking in our community.


As the wife of a West Point graduate, Kelly understands the unique challenges facing military families. She will fight to make sure our active duty military personnel, veterans, and military families receive the benefits and resources that they’ve earned.


In the News

Kelly McGinn announces candidacy for the Republican Nomination in Virginia’s 13th House of Delegates District
Potomac Local – March 14, 2019

Kelly McGinn, a Manassas mom, advocate, and community leader, has announced her candidacy for the Republican nomination in the 13th House District, which encompasses parts of Prince William County and the City of Manassas Park.

“Richmond has been in the national headlines for all the wrong reasons in 2019. I’m running for Delegate to be your voice for common sense leadership. I want to represent the 13th District to make it the best place to live and work in Virginia,” said McGinn.



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