Michael Bartley

Michael Bartley


Current Position: Aerospace engineer
Affiliation: Libertarian
Candidate: 2019 State Delegate

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Source: Campaign page

Nice to meet you!  My name is Michael D. Bartley.  I was born and raised in Ohio, and moved here to Newport News in 2000 with my wife Amanda.  I earned my BS in Aerospace Engineering from Trine University (Tri-State University) in Indiana.  I am an aerospace engineer at Eagle Technologies LLC, here in Newport News.  I am also an Eagle Scout, a Cleveland Browns fan, and an active member at Warwick United Church of Christ.

My wife Amanda is an instructional assistant for Newport News Public Schools at Marshall Early Learning Center.  Our two children, Charlotte and Emily, attend public school, in third and first grades.  On the weekends, I enjoy spending time with my family.  We enjoy exploring our local parks, spending time with our church family, and relaxing.


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Source: Campaign page


Legalized theft by the government, also known as civil forfeiture must not be allowed.  Cooperating with federal agencies in any way for civil forfeiture will be forbidden.  I will propose legislation to make it so property can only be forfeited after a guilty verdict or guilty plea on a felony.  Restore justice to those not convicted.

Kelo v. City of New London is the worst Supreme Court decision of my lifetime.  Eminent domain should NEVER be used to take property from anybody other than for public use, and then only after compensation of one and a half times the value of the property and the costs to move.  Give property justice to ALL.

Virginians that are 18 are old enough to vote, or die for their country, but not old enough to buy alcohol.  Students at universities are not allowed to consume alcohol in their dorms or other safe locations.  This encourages binge drinking at parties where they are more vulnerable.  If you truly care about the “rape culture” on campus then you logically must be in favor of lowering the drinking age to 18.  I will propose legislation to change this.  Give liberty to ALL.

I am a father of two children, one of whom is entering first grade.  I support “Backpack Funding.” Children will be given a certain amount of money depending on their grade and special needs.  Parents will be able to choose any school they want and the funding will follow the child.  This money can be used for public education in or out of district, for private schools, or for tutors and materials for home schooled children.  It is time to let the poor send their children to the schools of their choice.  Give educational justice to ALL.

The Atlantic Coast Pipeline uses eminent domain for its construction, so I oppose it.  If the law allows people to trespass on land, then the law must be changed. I do not care how much of a “vitally important infrastructure project” this is, you may not use the government to take property from others for private use. This is not residential distribution of natural gas, so it is not a public use.

I would like to reduce income taxes by using externality taxes. One of the most commonly proposed externality tax is a carbon tax. It is easiest to apply at the well head, as well as when it is imported. The tax should be set to increase over a known amount over time to allow the industry time to adjust. This should also replace other pollution regulations. Taxation prevents grandfathering of pollution, and forces economic pressure to reduce pollution. Under the present system, a manufacturer must have new plants meet current environmental standards, but old ones can be grandfathered in. This encourages old, polluting, inefficient plants to not be replaced by newer ones.

Right now Virginians are only allowed to legally gamble by using the lottery.  This is hypocritical; the state can profit from gambling, but we can’t have a casino.  I will propose legislation to allow casino and online gambling in the state of Virginia.  Give gambling liberty to ALL.

“A well-regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a Free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”  I will propose “constitutional carry” legislation. While still issuing concealed licenses for reciprocity, concealed carry will be allowed without a permit in the commonwealth.  Give the liberty to conceal to ALL.

Beyond legalizing all victimless crimes and ending civil forfeiture I will promote justice for ALL by:

  • Proposing legislation that will make those unable to pay a fine, to be able to do community service instead.
  • Proposing legislation that only driving offences can result in the loss of ones drivers license.
  • Proposing legislation that the state will cover all costs (bail, attorney’s fees, and lost wages) for those found not guilty of felonies and misdemeanors.  Anybody charged with felonies but only convicted of misdemeanors will also have their court cost covered.
  • Propose legislation to increase the funding of the public defenders.
  • Police will be required to use, and the state will fund, body cameras while on patrol.
  • Police will be required to video tape all interviews with suspects.
  • Prosecutors will be instructed to prosecute perjury of state officials as a high priority and sentences will be doubled.
  • Police misconduct will be investigated by officials in other departments.
  • Police officers may not be given any incentive or quotas to arrest or cite people.
  • Teenage “Sexting” is not a crime, and under no circumstances should it be treated as such.
  • All fines will be placed in the general fund of the state.   End policing for profit.
  • Make restitution payments a higher priority than fines.
  • Make every attempt to find a place other than jail for the mentally ill.

Certificate of Public Need (COPN) requires a committee to approve expansion of medical facilities, with competitors able to have an input.  This is a way for established medical organizations to prevent competition.  It allows them to keep their prices artificially high while preventing Virginians from having access to medical care.  According to Christopher Koopman and Thomas Stratmann of the Mercatus Center at George Mason University “[i]n particular, for Virginia these programs could mean approximately 10,800 fewer hospital beds, 41 fewer hospitals offering MRI services, and 58 fewer hospitals offering CT scans. For those seeking quality health care throughout Virginia, this means less competition and fewer choices, without increased access to care for the poor.”  I will propose legislation that will repeal the need for a Certificate of Public Need.  Give medical liberty to ALL.

It is now common to call prostitution “Human Trafficking”, but the vast majority of people in the sex trade participate voluntarily.  The way it stands now, if sex workers are raped, not paid, or are robbed, they have limited access to legal justice.  I will propose legislation to legalize, tax, and regulate prostitution, thus restoring justice for prostitutes.

I am grateful to our Governor for restoring the voting rights to felons that have served completed their sentences.  I will propose legislation make this permanent and add gun rights.  Restore liberty for ALL.

If you are a convicted felon who has questions about the restoration of your right to vote, you can visit Revive My Vote to check your status and get more information.  Know your rights!

Right now, it takes two hours to get from 24th Street @ Marshall Ave. to Busch Gardens if you take public transportation.  Why?  Because the cities pick the layout for the bus routes.  They are about as good at this as they are at picking airlines to fly out of Newport News/Williamsburg International Airport.  We need to privatize HRT so that they can pick the routes instead and will be given a subsidy (per rider) to pick up people in low socioeconomic areas and the disabled.

The state house of Virginia has abdicated its role in state road decisions; that must change.  I will call for the repeal of House Bill 2.  I will propose parallel toll lanes for expanding roads.  Let those who don’t want to wait in traffic pay the toll, those who don’t mind the traffic wait, but all will benefit from the extra lanes.  Liberate traffic congestion for ALL.

When a person is arrested for a low-level drug offence their life is substantially made worse.  It deprives an individual of their liberty, and can create single parent households that put innocent children at risk.  After release, it makes their life considerably harder due to their criminal record.  The tax payers are also required to pay a significant amount of money.  Police are also diverted away from crimes that have victims; every hour a police officer spends on a victimless crime, is an hour not spent bringing justice to victims of actual crime.  Let the police bring justice to ALL.

I will propose the following legislation to change this:

  • Join the western states that are legalizing marijuana.
  • Allow doctors to prescribe anything for their patients.
  • Decriminalize personal use amounts of all drugs.
  • After the 2018-2019 legislative session and support is greater, I will propose legalization of all drugs in Virginia.
  • By expressly allowing any drug to be prescribed in the state of Virginia it will be possible for experimental medication to be given in the state, as long as it does not cross state lines.  This could put the Commonwealth of Virginia at the forefront of medical research.   Give medical Liberty to ALL.





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