Mike Asip

Mike Asip


Current Position: Retired education leader
Affiliation: Democrat
Candidate: 2019 State Delegate

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Source: Campaign page

Mike Asip and his wife Leslie Baskin-Asip have lived in Powhatan for the past ten years.  They are proud parents of two adult children, Cailin, 30, and Danny, 33, as well as daughter-in-law Heather, and an 18 month-old grandson, Nolan James Asip.

Mike is a retired education leader, having served 38 years in teacher, middle school assistant principal and principal roles, completing his career as Chesterfield County Schools’ Director of Exceptional Education.  Mike has been leading change –  starting several model programs involving services for students with autism, dyslexia training, workforce development, and Medicaid services. Mike has empowered our students and their families by developing inclusive school programs that enrich and enable all students to be responsible citizens!

Mike is recognized for his advocacy at state and national levels, helping develop and change education policies to improve student learning and opportunity.  Mike brings a passionate professionalism and leadership experience in collaborating to get things done for Virginia citizens!


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Source: Campaign page

Quality Public Education

  • Expand access to preschool services to better prepare our youngest children for school and life
  • K-12 Education:Raise teacher salaries to hire and keep the best teachers
    Invest more funds, resources and training in our public schools
    Reduce SOLs and find better ways to assess student learning
  • Virginia’s Public Colleges and UniversitiesInvest in public universities and colleges to reduce student tuition costs
    Support community college workforce programs

Affordable Healthcare

  • Advocate for access for all Virginians to affordable health care, including prescription drugs and care for pre-existing conditions
  • Enhance mental health services to affordably serve Virginians in their communities
  • Ensure that women, with their doctors, can make their own health care decisions
  • Expand Medicaid waivers for persons with disabilities so they can access critical services

Rural Broadband

  • Promote expanded broadband access that is critical to education, business, employment potential
  • Grow public-private broadband partnerships with local, state, and federal investments
  • Access new federal grants now available thanks to Congresswoman Abigail Spanberger


  • Ensure clean water and clean air; our James River watershed is the lifeblood of our region
  • Invest in clean, renewable energy will create new jobs and reduce pollution
  • Preserve public lands will help keep our water and air clean and safe
  • Promote state, regional, and local solutions to environmental challenges such as the Cumberland Mega-Landfill and Atlantic Coast Pipeline

Economic and Workforce Development

  • Expand rural broadband access can enhance economic development
  • Provide tax incentives for small business development, not just big corporate tax relief
  • Improve infrastructure to sustain a diversity of economic growth, including agriculture
  • Ensure that a greater number of jobs provide a living wage and more

Civil Rights and Women’s Rights

  • Commit to justice, fairness, respect, understanding, and equal opportunity for all races, ethnicities, and cultures that make Virginia a wonderfully diverse Commonwealth
  • Guarantee equal rights for women through the ERA passage
  • Act to end discrimination experienced by LGBTQ citizens


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