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My term as an intern isn’t to only take it as part of George Mason’s Global fellowship and for course credit, but to be more educated in politics, government, philanthropy, and international relations.



I have background in global and domestic issues, especially with issues involving  inequality and how to resolve them. This year in May, I’m expecting to graduate and hope to go to law school. My goal is to do legal work that can takes issues that are reflective of society, as well as do work in work in public service.

I have completed course projects on international development with climate change as a factor, the future of international relations with oil depletion, how social movements stem from oppression and the seeking of liberation, interstate conflict between Egypt and Ethiopia over the Nile, and how immigration policy effects the U.S economy.


George Mason University, May 2019 (anticipated graduation)
Bachelor of Arts: Global Affairs
Global Politics Fellow, Spring 2019


I have skills in organization and communication. I am a team player and good listener. I am also someone who is organized and completes required work on time.

Campus Activities

Global Affairs Club: 2015-present
French Culture Club: 2016-2017
Model United Nation: 2018- present
Roosevelt Club: 2018- present

Volunteer Experience

Hidri Group Member: DC Metropolitan Area, June 2010-2014
Tutoring: Lorton VA Library, 2013-2018

Work Experience

The only experience I have is my time as a buybuy Baby sale associate. While my only experience is retail, I have gain skills in communication, teamwork, and organization. I use communication to make sure customers are satisfied with their experience. I use it to be able to communicate with my other coworkers. Teamwork is another skilled I learned that allows me and my coworkers work together to solve issues or complete the task at hand. Organization skills allowed me to help make sure customers find the items they were looking for, as well as complete major tasks like online orders.

Virginia onAir

YouTube Coordinator 

  • Review 2019 General Assembly Senate & House sessions, committee and subcommittee hearings
  • Identify most relevant   Virginia onAir (VOA) videos;
  • Edits and upload videos to the VOA YouTube Channel and embeds in video posts. 

Posts curating

VA SenateGeorge Barker   VA Senate District 39

VA House: Kathy Tran   VA House District 42

Projects & Papers




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