US House District 5 – VA 2020

US House District 4 – 2020 1


A practicing physician, Cameron Webb returned to Charlottesville where he treats patients as a general internist, teaches students and serves as the Director of Health Policy and Equity at UVA’s School of Medicine.  Cameron is running for Congress to serve his community at this critical time. In Washington, he will be a fierce advocate to ensure opportunities for health and success for all Virginians.

Bob Good is running for Congress to bring the conservative principles of financial stewardship and respect for hard working taxpayers back to Washington. President Trump’s policies have delivered a growing, vibrant economy and we must ensure that our representatives back his agenda.


Cameron Webb

Current Position: Physician and professor
Affiliation: Democrat
Candidate: 2020 US Representative for US House District 4

For more information, go to Cameron Webb’s post.

Bob Good

Current Position: Campbell County Board of Supervisors since 2016
Affiliation: Republican
Candidate: 2020 US Representative for US House District 5

For more information, go to Bob Good’s post.

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