Yatharth Pandey

Yatharth Pandey


My name is Yatharth Pandey. I am a current undergraduate student at George Mason University majoring in government and international politics with a minor in International Security. I am currently involved with the Global Politics Fellows Program and am completing this spring an internship with Democracy onAir.

Interning with Democracy OnAir allows me to explore my interests of Foreign and public policy while also strengthening democracy in our society and country at large. Empowering our democratic institutions is key to forging a stronger democracy.


How would I improve U.S. Democracy

The United States is often referred to as one of the strongest democracies, but as of late there have been glaring cracks in the system that many have seen, culminating in the horrendous events of January 6th, 2021, which threatened our very institutions. From this, there are steps that the United States government could take to strengthen our democratic processes. One such idea are stronger election and voting laws, which protect voters and their rights on election day. In many states, state legislatures can provide an unfair advantage to certain districts by providing more polling stations to those who are more likely to vote for them than districts that skew against, thus threatening democratic integrity. These laws would need to be repealed ensuring stronger voting rights for groups so more of the population is represented, and thus more can take part in democratic process

Why Democracy Matters to Me
Recorded by Joseph KubickiJanuary 13, 2022 (01:04)
Why Democracy Matters to Me

The institutions that guard the United States’ strong government have held American society together for over two centuries, and the most important institution that has been taken for granted as of late is democracy. Democracy as a concept has endured for ages against many challenges to it. From the global impacts it has through the lives it empowers across the globe, democracy is one of the most valuable political and philosophical cornerstones of government abroad as well as the United States.

Democracy is unique in the sense where the public holds the power in national decision making. This makes it invaluable to a government’s stability as power is concentrated in the public. This is key to having a functional state, as through a dictatorship resentment could grow rapidly amongst a population. In giving the public the power to vote, change in public policy is possible in a nation. Therefore, citizens can use democracy to make their society beneficial for everyone involved.

Democracy is not without its flaws as a system, and we can all learn more from its core principles, but it is an invaluable tool of governance to me and I will continue to uphold its principles as an American citizen.



 George Mason University: Fairfax, VA

BA: International Government and Politics Major

International Security Minor

Expected December 2022


International Relations Task Force (IRTF) at George Mason University
August 2021- Ongoing

URAP (Undergraduate Research Project) Assistant at George Mason University

Spring 2021- Summer 2021

Team Leader: Schar School Virtual learning community at George Mason University


Library Assistant and Volunteer at Princeton Public Library





My Major

I major in government and international politics because I have always been interested in foreign affairs and how our world governing systems function. In understanding these topics, we can help create good policies on bettering our planet and creating a safe world to forge ahead against challenges like climate change.

My Professional Goals

My goals for the future are to work as an foreign policy analyst in the State Department or any Think Tank institutes that focus on foreign policy and international relations. I want to do this because of the many opportunities it grants and it expands my interest in public policy and international relations. I also would get the opportunity to meet a diverse group of individuals from all parts of the globe.

onAir Activities

Curator and Aircaster for US OnAir

I am also directing Pennsylvania OnAir. as part of my Global Politics Fellowship internship program at George Mason University.

Posts Curating

  • Issues: Homeland Security, NATO/Europe
  • Committee: Homeland Security
  • Subcomittee: Climate Security
  • VA Representative: Don McEachin
  • University: Pennsylvania State University

Papers and Projects

Download (PDF, Unknown)

Pandey and Wallace URAP Celebration

Democracy onAir Internship



Reflective Paper


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