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Virginia is located in the Southern region of the USA with Richmond as its capital. The Richmond General Assembly has 40 Senate members and 100 House of Delegate members. Virginia’s current political leaders are:

Governor Ralph Northam (D) since 2018
Lt. Governor Justin Fairfax (D) since 2018
Attorney General, Mark Herring (D) since 2018

Senior Senator Mark Warner (D) since 2008
Junior Senator Tim Kaine (D) since 2014

VA US House impeachment votes

Title: “Like most of Congress, Va. delegation splits down party lines on impeaching Trump
Author: Robin Bravender
Source: Virginia Mercury
Date: December 18, 2019

WASHINGTON — The U.S. House voted to impeach President Donald Trump Wednesday night, making him the third president to be impeached in U.S. history.

Trump was impeached on largely party line votes on charges that he abused power and obstructed Congress. The charges surround allegations that Trump improperly pressured Ukraine’s president to investigate his political rival in an effort to interfere with the 2020 U.S. presidential election.

Virginia’s Three Amigas

Virginia elected three new women to the US House of Representatives:  Elaine Luria (D) from District 2; Jennifer Wexton (D) from District 10; and Abigail Spanberger (D) from District 7.

Each congresswoman flipped their district from Republican to Democrat.

Elaine Luria received votes 139,571 (51.05%) and Scott Taylor (R) 133,458 votes (48.81%%)

Abigail Spanberger received 176,079 votes (50.34%%) and Dave Brat (R) 169,295 votes (48.4%)

Jennifer Wexton received 206,356 votes (56.7%) and Barbara Comstock (R) votes (43.73%)


2020 VA General Assembly Leaders

Ralph Northam, Governor Commonwealth of Virginia
Justin Fairfax, Lt. Governor
Mark Herring, Attorney General

Dick Saslaw, Senate Majority Leader
Louise Lucas, Senate Pro Tempore
Tom Norment, Senate Minority Leader

Eileen Fillen-Corn, Speaker of the House
Charniele Herring, House Majority Leader
Todd Gilbert, House Minority Leader

More leader information inside this post …

Politician Interviews

Virginia onAir curators have recorded and produced a number of video interviews on Virginia representatives and candidates for state Senate and House to help Virginia voters learn more about each politician.

Inside this post are some of the interviews conducted by mostly George Mason University students.

Districts that Flipped – VA 2019 Elections

The Virginia 2019 elections saw both the State Senate and State House of Delegates change from Republican to Democratic control.

The Virginia State Senate in 2020 will have 21 Democratic senators and 19 Republican senators. Two senate districts flipped to the democrats: District 10 where Ghazala F. Hashmi won and District 13 where John Bell was the winner.

The Virginia House of Delegates in 2020 will have 55 Democratic delegates and 45 Republican delegates. Six house districts flipped to the democrats: District 28 won by Joshua Cole; District 40 won by Dan Helmer; District 76 won by Clint Jenkins; District 83 won by Nancy Guy; District 91 won by Martha Mugler; and District 94 won by Shelly Simonds.

Virginia Democrats win control of General Assembly, sealing Trump-era power shift, Virginia Mercury, November 6, 2015 by Graham Moomaw.

Democrats flip Virginia Senate and House, taking control of state government for the first time in a generation,  Washington Post, Nov. 5, 2019 by Gregory Schneider and Laura Vozzella.

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