Town Hall on College Affordability w/ Senator Mark Warner

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College Affordability

Current Situation:
The data show that Virginia has above-average in-state tuition and below-average per-student tax appropriations. Tuition and fees at Virginia public research, four year, and two year institutions in 2017-2018 are among the highest in the US.

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How to make higher education more affordable for Virginia residents particularly lower income students while expanding educational opportunities and controlling costs?

VA Congressional Members on Higher Ed Funding

Senator Mark Warner
“Warner remains committed to ensuring that every Virginian has access to the quality education and training needed to succeed in our global economy without the burden of crippling student debt. Having paid for his own undergraduate education with student loans, Senator Warner knows first-hand the financial challenges facing those who seek higher education. Senator Warner will continue to fight for commonsense solutions to make college more affordable and to help those who are already struggling with student debt. Senator Warner believes that if left unaddressed, student debt will be the next financial crisis facing our country. Senator Warner also knows that college isn’t the only path to success. He believes that we must increase our focus on industry certifications and lifelong learning and retraining in order to create more opportunities for good paying jobs for Virginians.”

Senator Tim Kaine
“Kaine believes that we must improve access to quality education if we want to prepare students and workers for success in the modern economy. He supports smart investments in education — from pre-kindergarten to college and workforce training — and has learned through years of experience in Virginia that no one path is right for everyone. Drawing from his years working in his dad’s ironworking shop and his experience teaching in Honduras, a key focus of Tim’s work in public service has been strengthening career and technical education (CTE) programs that teach students skills to succeed in high-demand, good-paying jobs.”

2019 VA General Assembly & Executive on Higher Ed

In the next few weeks, this post will aggregate the positions various State Senate & Delegate candidates running for office in 2019 have on funding of higher education in VA.

Mark Warner & College Affordability

Warner Town Hall at GMU
When: September 13, 2019 12:00 am
Where: GMU Hub Ballroom

On Friday, Sept. 13, Senator Mark Warner hosted a town hall meeting in the Hub ballroom aimed at addressing his legislative initiatives, including the Student Right to Know Before You Go Act of 2019 and other issues surrounding higher education costs.

For more information on the Virginia Senators and Higher Ed – go to this post. For more information on Mark Warner – go to this post.

Senator Stuart addresses college costs

A proposal from a Republican senator would require student approval before a public college or university approves a tuition raise.

Sen. Richard Stuart, R-Stafford, wants tuition hikes to go to the students who will have to pay for it before a governing board votes. His legislation, which he introduced last year too and calls “crazy,” calls for two-thirds of a school’s student body to approve the raise before formal adoption.

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