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Education and Health Committee Bills Passed by the General Assembly
Virginia Legislative Information Systems (Short)

HB 1737
Nurse practitioners; practice without a practice agreement. Reduces from five to two the number of years of full-time clinical experience a nurse practitioner must have to be eligible to practice without a written or electronic practice agreement. The provisions of the bill expire on July 1, 2022.

Education and Health 2021 Committee Hearings
Virginia Senate Live Session Video Stream (Short)

Standing Committee: 1/14 1/21 1/28 

Subcommittee on Health:

Subcommittee on Certificate of Public Need:

Subcommittee on Health Professionals:

Subcommittee on Higher Education:

Subcommittee on Public Education:

SB 1205
Legiscan, George BarkerJanuary 15, 2021 (Short)

Provides support to medical professionals/providers that are licensed, through counseling. Bill was reported to full committee.

SB 1464
Virginia Legislative Information System, Stephen NewmanFebruary 5, 2021 (Short)

Drug Control Act; Schedule I. Adds certain chemicals to Schedule I of the Drug Control Act. The Board of Pharmacy has added these substances to Schedule I in an expedited regulatory process. A substance added via this process is removed from the schedule after 18 months unless a general law is enacted adding the substance to the schedule.

SB 1178
Virginia Legislative Information System, Adam EbbinFebruary 5, 2021 (Short)

Genetic counseling; conscience clause. Repeals the conscience clause for genetic counselors who forgo participating in counseling that conflicts with their deeply held moral or religious beliefs, provided that they inform the patient and offer to direct the patient to the online directory of licensed genetic counselors maintained by the Board of Medicine. The law being repealed also prohibits the licensing of any genetic counselor from being contingent upon participating in such counseling.

SB 1187
Virginia Legislative Information Systems, Ghazala HashmiFebruary 2, 2021 (Short)

Department of Health Professions; practice of physical therapy. Extends from 30 days to 60 days the time allowed for a physical therapist who has completed a doctor of physical therapy program approved by the Commission on Accreditation of Physical Therapy Education or who has obtained a certificate of authorization to evaluate and treat patients after an initial evaluation without a referral under certain circumstances. The bill also provides that after discharging a patient a physical therapist shall not perform an initial evaluation of a patient without a referral if the physical therapist has performed an initial evaluation of the patient for the same condition within the immediately preceding 60 days.

SB 1190
Virginia Legislative Information System, Jennifer KiggansFebruary 2, 2021 (Short)

Board of Education; Health Standards of Learning; advanced directive education. Directs the Board of Education to include advanced directive education in its curriculum framework for the Health Standards of Learning for high school students.

SB 1322
Virginia Legislative Information System, Bill DeStephFebruary 2, 2021 (Short)

Public schools; seizure management and action plans; biennial training. Provides for the submission and utilization of seizure management and action plans for students with a diagnosed seizure disorder. The bill requires that school nurses and certain school division employees biennially complete Board of Education-approved training in the treatment of students with seizure disorders. The bill provides immunity from civil liability for acts or omissions related to providing for the care of a student under a seizure management and action plan. The bill has a delayed effective date of July 1, 2022.


Meets on: Meets on Thursday at 8:00 a.m. in Senate Room A, Pocahontas Building

Members:  Louise Lucas (Chair) – George Barker – John Cosgrove – Siobhan Dunnavant – John Edwards – Ghazala Hashmi – Janet Howell – Lynwood Lewis – Mamie Locke – Steve Newman – Mark Peake – Chap Petersen – Dick Saslaw – Dave Suetterlein

(9 Democrats and 6 Republicans)


  • Certificate of Public Need
  • Health
  • Health Professions
  • Higher Education
  • Public Education



From Senate Rules: “A Committee on Education and Health, 15 Senators, to consider matters concerning education; human reproduction; life support; persons under disability; public buildings; public health; mental health; mental retardation and health professions”.


VA Legislative Information Systems (LIS)


Certificate of Public Need

Meets on: The call of the Chair

MembersLouise Lucas (Chair),  George Barker,  John CosgroveSiobhan Dunnavant,   Steve Newman,   Chap PetersenDick Saslaw


Meets on: Tuesday at 4:00 p.m. in Senate Subcommittee Room #2, 5th Floor, Pocahontas Building

MembersLynwood Lewis (Chair),  George Barker,    Siobhan Dunnavant,  Dick SaslawDave Suetterlein 

Health Professions

Meets on:  Friday at 8:30 a.m. in Subcommittee Room #2, 5th Floor, Pocahontas Building

MembersGeorge Barker (Chair),   Siobhan DunnavantJohn Edwards,   Lynwood Lewis,   Steve Newman,  Dick SaslawDave Suetterlein 


George Barker (Chair), Siobhan Dunnavant, John Edwards, Lynwood Lewis, Steve Newman, Dick Saslaw, Dave Suetterlein

Higher Education

Meets on: Monday at 30 minutes after adjournment in Subcommittee Room #2, 5th Floor, Pocahontas Building

Members:   Mamie Locke,ise Lucas (Chair),  Ben ChafinJohn CosgroveGhazala Hashmi,  Chap Petersen

Public Education

Meets on: Monday at 30 minutes after adjournment in Subcommittee Room #2, 5th Floor, Pocahontas Building

Members:   Ghazala Hashmi (Chair),  Siobhan Dunnavant,  Janet Howell,   Mamie Locke,  Mark Peake


Bills in full committee

SB 1106
Establishes a roof repair and replace fund for public schools. It would require state and local funding, with some private donations. It was referred to senate finance.
An online school day can be declared in case of a weather emergency without loosing school funding or days added to the academic calendar. Bills was passed.
SB 1154
Establishes a database for nursing home accidents, including abuse and neglect. It will be open to advocacy groups to look for wrong doings. Main advocacy group is the Disability Law Center. It was sent to Health Subcommittee.
SB 1175
Brunswick County School Board has switched from appointed officials to elected officials, but their salary has not changed accordingly. Bill was passed.
SB 1147
Sought to expand nurse loan repayment programs to certified nurse aides. It was referred to senate finance.
SB 1190
It defines health services and advanced directive education to high school children for unresponsive and nearing end of life care. Bill was passed.
SB 1191
Sought to require all schools to have a registered nurse. Bill was referred to senate finance.
SB 1235
Sought to prohibit sexual health discussion through the Department of Health over text without parental consent. It was postponed.
SB 1102
Establishes an orientation for personal care workers. It was referred to senate finance.
SB 1196
Required training on culture competence to educators every two years if they are working in the history or social science fields. It was referred to senate finance.
SB 1276
It was referred straight to commerce and finance.

Health Professionals Subcommittee

Eliminates the possibility for Genetic counselors to refuse business based on personal morals or religious beliefs. Bill was reported to full committee.
Expand physical therapists prescribed days from 30 to 60 when generally prescribed before another extension. Bill was reported to full committee.
SB 1189
Allows occupational therapists to perform their job in multiple states without getting recertified. Bill was reported to full committee.
SB 1218
Provides a license for naturopathic doctors. Bill was reported to full committee.
SB 1192
Develop regulations on naturopathic doctors. Bill was passed by indefinitely.
SB 1167
The bill was stricken.
SB 1205
Provides support to medical professionals/providers that are licensed, through counseling. Bill was reported to full committee.

Bills in Education and Health Subcommittee

SB 1114
To expand CSA funding to public schools. Bills bypassed temporarily.
SB 1313
To expand CSA funding to licensed place and transition services. It could be combined with SB 1114 before being presented before the full committee.
SB 1169
Requires high school students to present a drivers license when purchasing a parking pass. Bill is reported.
SB 1303
To give an in-person option for public schools. The vote tied 2-2 but was reported to full committee.
SB 1322
Allowing schools to receive personal action plans for students that are prone to seizures. It would only apply to staff that is regularly around the student. Bill will go to full committee.
SB 1317
Passed for the day.

Bills Passed

  • HB 1737 Nurse practitioners; practice without a practice agreement.
    Reduces from five to two the number of years of full-time clinical experience a nurse practitioner must have to be eligible to practice without a written or electronic practice agreement. The provisions of the bill expire on July 1, 2022.

Commissions & Boards

Commission on Youth

Source: Website

The Commission on Youth is tasked with providing a forum for review and study of youth policies and services. Whether you are a member or staff of the General Assembly, a government official, service provider, educator, parent or caregiver, or interested member of the public, you will find this website a wonderful resource on the Commission’s work on a host of issues, from child welfare to juvenile justice, or from mental health to education.

Brown v. Board of Education Scholarship Awards Committee v. Board of Education Scholarship Awards Committee

Source: Website

The Brown v. Board of Education Scholarship Program was established in accordance with § 30-231.8  of the Code of Virginia for the purpose of providing a public education to persons who were denied an education in the public schools of Virginia between 1954 and 1964, in jurisdictions in which the public schools were closed to avoid desegregation.

Virginia Disability Commission

Source: Webpage

The purpose of the Commission is to identify and recommend legislative priorities and policies for adoption or examination by the General Assembly in order to provide ongoing support in developing and reviewing services and funding related to Virginians with physical and sensory disabilities.

Joint Commission on Health Care

Source: Website

The JCHC was established as a standing commission of the Virginia General Assembly in 1992. JCHC seeks through its research, recommendations, and legislative actions to “ensure that the Commonwealth as provider, financier, and regulator adopts the most cost-effective and efficacious means of delivery of health care services so that the greatest number of Virginians receive quality health care.” JCHC’s statutory purpose and authority are denoted in Code of Virginia §§ 30-168 through 170.

Commonwealth Council on Aging

Source: Webpage

To promote an effective, coordinated approach to meeting the needs of older Virginians.

Alzheimer’s Disease and Related Disorders Commission

Source: Website

The 15 appointed members of the Commission serve in an advisory capacity to the Governor and the Secretary of Health and Human Resources (HHR), and assist people with Alzheimer’s disease or related disorders, as well as their caregivers. Commission meetings are held quarterly and members also serve on workgroups. In 2011 the Commission released Virginia’s first Dementia State Plan, which was updated in 2015 and will be revised every four years to remain receptive to the needs of persons with dementia and their caregivers. The Commission also sponsors a website that is accessible to Virginia citizens who wish to learn more about the Commonwealth’s commitment to those affected by Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia. This website contains information that can assist both family members and community service providers. It lists a series of free educational “webinars” on topics that impact persons dealing with the disease. The website is

Autism Advisory Council

Source: Webpage

To promote coordination of services and resources among agencies involved in the delivery of services to Virginians with autism spectrum disorders and to increase public awareness of such services and resources.

Block Grants

Source: Webpage

To ensure the continued receipt of federal funds pursuant to the Preventive Health and Human Services Block Grant, the Community Services Block Grant, or any other federal block grant program requiring legislative public hearings.
Report Date: The Subcommittee shall be continued for so long as federal law requires legislative hearings as a condition of any application for or receipt of any federal block grant moneys.

Commonwealth Health Research Board

Source: Website

Provide financial support, in the form of grants, donations, or other assistance, for research efforts that have the potential of maximizing human health benefits for the citizens of the Commonwealth.

Joint Subcommittee for Health and Human Resources Oversight

Source: Webpage

The Joint Subcommittee shall monitor, evaluate and respond to federal legislation that repeals, amends or replaces the Affordable Care Act (ACA), Medicaid (Title XIX of the Social Security Act), the Children’s Health Insurance Program (Title XXI of the Social Security Act) or any proposals to block grant or change the method by which these programs are funded. The joint subcommittee shall recommend actions to be taken by the General Assembly to address the impact of any such federal legislation that would affect the state budget and health care coverage now available to Virginians. Furthermore, the subcommittee shall evaluate federal changes for opportunities to improve Virginia’s Medicaid and other health insurance programs. The Joint Subcommittee shall provide ongoing oversight of initiatives and operations of the Health and Human Resources agencies.The joint subcommittee shall examine progress made in implementing changes to: (i) Medicaid managed care programs, including managed long-term supports and services (the Commonwealth Coordinated Care Plus program) and changes to the Medallion program; (ii) Medicaid waiver programs including the Medicaid waivers serving individuals with developmental disabilities; (iii) the Medicaid Enterprise System; (iv) improve eligibility, enrollment and renewal processes in the Medicaid and CHIP programs; (v) the organizational structure and realignment of staff and resources of the Department of Medical Assistance Services resulting from the change from a fee-for-service to a managed care delivery system; (vi) improve the cost effective delivery of services through the Comprehensive Services Act; and (vii) initiatives and programmatic changes across the Health and Human Resources agencies to ensure efficient and effective use of resources across the Secretariat.

Health Insurance Reform Commissio

Source: Webpage

The Health Insurance Reform Commission was established by House Bill 2138 of the 2013 Session. The Commission’s powers and duties include monitoring the implementation of the federal Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (the Act); assessing proposed mandated health insurance benefits and providers; and developing recommendations to increase access to health insurance coverage are reasonable, and encourage a robust market for health insurance products in the Commonwealth.

Virginia Health Workforce Development Authority,

Source: Website

To provide for the health, welfare, convenience, knowledge, benefit, and prosperity of the residents of the Commonwealth and such other persons who might be served by the Authority. The Authority is being established to move the Commonwealth forward in achieving its vision of ensuring a quality health workforce for all Virginians.

Henrietta Lacks Commission

Source: Webpage

The Henrietta Lacks Commission (the Commission) is established as an advisory commission in the executive branch of state government. The purpose of the Commission is to sustain the legacy of the life-changing contribution of Henrietta Lacks to medical science by advancing cancer research and treatment through the creation of a biomedical research and data center.

Advisory Council on Pediatric Autoimmune Neuropsychiatric Disorders (PANS) Associated with Streptococcal Infections and Pediatric Acute-Onset Neuropsychiatric Syndrome (PANDAS)

Source: Webpage

There is hereby created in the executive branch of state government the Advisory Council on Pediatric Autoimmune Neuropsychiatric Disorders Associated with Streptococcal Infections and Pediatric Acute-onset Neuropsychiatric Syndrome (the Advisory Council), for the purpose of advising the Commissioner of Health on research, diagnosis, treatment, and education relating to pediatric autoimmune neuropsychiatric disorders associated with streptococcal infections and pediatric acute-onset neuropsychiatric syndrome

Task Force on Services for Survivors of Sexual Assault

Source: Webpage

Develops model treatment and transfer plans for use by transfer hospitals, treatment hospitals, and pediatric health care facilities and works with hospitals and pediatric health care facilities to facilitate the development of treatment and transfer plans; develops model written transfer agreements for use by treatment hospitals, transfer hospitals, and pediatric health care facilities and works with treatment hospitals, transfer hospitals, and pediatric health care facilities to facilitate the development of transfer agreements; develops model written agreements for use by treatment hospitals and approved pediatric health care facilities required to enter into agreements with rape crisis centers; works with treatment hospitals and approved pediatric health care facilities to develop plans to employ or contract with sexual assault forensic examiners to ensure the provision of treatment services to survivors of sexual assault by sexual assault forensic examiners, including plans for implementation of on-call systems to ensure availability of sexual assault forensic examiners; and works with treatment hospitals and approved pediatric health care facilities to identify and recommend processes to ensure compliance with law related to the creation, storage, and retention of photographic and other documentation and evidence.

Southwest Virginia Health Authority

Source: Website

The Authority may acquire, construct, equip, establish, improve, maintain, and/or operate hospitals or health centers and may condemn property and issue bonds and other obligations for such purpose.

Commission on School Construction and Modernization

Source: Webpage

Assesses the Commonwealth’s school facilities and determines school construction and modernization funding needs; identifies funding mechanisms and makes recommendations to the Governor and the General Assembly; establishes best practices in school modernization and construction for school divisions; creates standardized construction designs and procurement practices to recommend and make available to local school divisions; and Identifying potential cost-saving measures for implementation by local school divisions to minimize construction and modernization costs where possible; and identifies potential cost-saving measures for implementation by local school divisions to minimize construction and modernization costs where possible.

Joint Subcommittee Early Childhood Care and Education

Source: Webpage

(i) review the cost-effectiveness of federal and state funding used to improve Virginia's early childhood care and education system, (ii) ensure that the transition of child care regulation from the Board of Social Services to the Board of Education occurs seamlessly without impacting health and safety oversight functions, (iii) ensure that the transition of functions from the Department of Social Services to the Department of Education occurs seamlessly without the interruption of the provision of state services or undue impact on the operation of either agency, (iv) review the implementation of the Board of Education's Quality Rating Implementation System, (v) review workforce needs for Virginia's early childhood education system, (vi) further facilitate partnerships between school divisions and private providers for the Virginia Preschool Initiative, (vii) consider recommendations and options included in the 2017 JLARC report on Improving Virginia's Early Childhood Development Programs, and (viii) consider funding methodology changes to transition the Virginia Preschool Initiative funding model to maximize the number of children served, while recognizing prevailing costs.

Education Commission of the States

Source: Webpage

To improve public education by facilitating the exchange of information, ideas and experiences among state policymakers and education leaders.

Task Force to Assist in Identification of the History of Formerly Enslaved African Americans in Virginia

Source: Webpage

Task Force shall assist the Virginia Foundation for the Humanities Foundation 1. Promote the identification, preservation, and conservation of historic sites significant to the history, presence, and contributions of formerly enslaved African Americans in Virginia; 2. Assess the extent to which students and the public are knowledgeable concerning African American history, the African slave trade, slavery in Virginia and America, and the vestiges of slavery in the Commonwealth and the nation; 3. Identify the contributions of African Americans to Virginia, the nation, and the world; 4. Inventory relevant African American historical sites, memorials, exhibits, and resources in the Commonwealth and assess the potential economic impact of tourism and economic development promotion relative to such sites; 5. Develop a register of historical sites significant to African American history in Virginia that should be preserved and recommend options for preservation and ways to increase tourism revenues; and 6. Develop and maintain a roster of volunteer historians, educators, businesses, organizations, and speakers to act as resource persons for classroom teachers on African American history, the African slave trade, American slavery, the impact of slavery on modern society, and the contributions of African Americans to Virginia and the nation.

Board of Trustees Frontier Culture Museum of Virginia

Source: Website

To construct, operate, and maintain, in the Augusta County, Staunton and Waynesboro areas of the Commonwealth, an outdoor museum to commemorate on an international scale the contribution that the pioneers and colonial frontiersmen and frontierswomen of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries made to the creation and development of the United States

Joint Subcommittee on the Future Competitiveness of Virginia – Higher Education

Source: Webpage

The Chairmen of the House Appropriations and Senate Finance Committees shall each appoint four members from their respective committees to a Joint Subcommittee on the Future Competitiveness of Virginia Higher Education to (a) review ways to maintain and improve the quality of higher education, while providing for broad access and affordability; (b) examine the impact of financial, demographic, and competitive changes on the sustainability of individual institutions and the system as a whole; (c) identify best practices to make the system more efficient, including shared services, institutional flexibility, and easily accessible academic pathways; (d) evaluate the use of distance education and online instruction across the Commonwealth and appropriate business models for such programs; (e) review current need-based financial aid programs and alternative models to best provide for student affordability and completion; (f) review the recommendations of the Joint Legislative Audit and Review Commission on the study of the cost efficiency of higher education institutions and make recommendations to their respective committees on the implementation of those recommendations; (g) study the effectiveness and value of transfer students; (h) evaluate the effectiveness of dual enrollment in reducing the cost of higher education; and (i) study the effectiveness of preparing teachers to enter the K-12 system.

Board of Trustees Institute for Advanced Learning and Research

Source: Webpage

To seek to diversify the Dan River Region’s economy by engaging the resources of Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University in partnership with Danville Community College and Averett University and public and private bodies and organizations of the region and state.

Virginia Council on Interstate Compact on Educational Opportunity for Military Children

Source: Webpage

To remove barriers to educational success imposed on children of military families because of frequent moves and deployment of their parents.

Jamestown-Yorktown Foundation Board of Trustees

Source: Webpage

Do all things necessary and proper to further an appreciation of the contributions of the first permanent English-speaking settlers and their American Indian neighbors of Virginia and the United States to the building of our Commonwealth and nation, to commemorate the winning of American independence on the battlefield at Yorktown, and to enhance our understanding of the making of the United States Constitution and Bill of Rights, including Virginia’s role in shaping the fundamental principles of the American constitutional system.

Memorial Commission Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Source: Website

To identify, plan, develop, and implement appropriate programs and events that further the philosophy and memory of Dr. King.

New College Institute

Source: Website

Seek to diversify the region’s economy by engaging the resources of other institutions of higher education, public and private bodies, and organizations of the region and state. Serve as a catalyst for economic and community transformation by leveraging and brokering resources that support economic diversity. Facilitate development of the technology and trained workforce necessary for new economic enterprises to flourish, using the resources available from collaborating educational institutions. Expand educational opportunities in the region by providing access to degree-granting programs, including undergraduate, graduate, and professional programs, through partnerships with private and public institutions of higher education, the public schools, and public and private sectors. Encourage and coordinate the development and delivery of degree programs and other credit and noncredit courses with a focus on statewide and regional critical shortage areas as well as the needs of industry. This shall include needed adult education and workforce training. Serve as a resource and referral center by maintaining and disseminating information on existing educational programs, research, and university outreach and technology resources.

Roanoke Higher Education Authority

Source: Website

To expand access to higher education in the Roanoke Valley by providing for adult and continuing education and degree-granting programs, including undergraduate, graduate and professional programs, through partnerships with the Commonwealth’s public and private institutions of higher education.

School Readiness Committee

Source: Webpage

Secretary of Education; establishment of School Readiness Committee. Directs the Secretary of Education to establish a School Readiness Committee with the first goal of addressing the development and alignment of an effective professional development and credentialing system for the early childhood education workforce in the Commonwealth, including the (i) development of a competency-based professional development pathway for practitioners who teach children birth to age five in both public and private early childhood education programs; (ii) consideration of articulation agreements between associate and baccalaureate degree programs; (iii) refinement of teacher licensure and education programs to address competencies specific to early childhood development; (iv) alignment of existing professional development funding streams; and (v) development of innovative approaches to increasing accessibility, availability, affordability, and accountability of the Commonwealth’s workforce development system for early childhood education teachers and providers.

Southwest Virginia Higher Education Center Board of Trustees

Source: Website

Encourage and coordinate the development and delivery of continuing education programs offered by those educational institutions serving the region.

Southwest Virginia Public Education Consortium Governing Board

Source: Webpage

Coordinate with those educational institutions and agencies in the Commonwealth and surrounding areas to develop joint educational initiatives; promote and establish, in conjunction with the Department of Education and the region’s public school divisions, regional programs to address area educational needs; coordinate the development and sharing of programs, educational techniques, and resources among and between the region’s school divisions and institutions of higher education to enhance the educational opportunities for students and teachers in Southwest Virginia; and provide technical assistance to school divisions throughout the Commonwealth for the implementation of effective educational programs.

Advisory Board Teacher Education and Licensure

Source: Webpage

The Advisory Board on Teacher Education and Licensure shall advise the Board of Education and submit recommendations on policies applicable to the qualifications, examination, licensure, and regulation of school personnel including revocation, suspension, denial, cancellation, reinstatement, and renewals of licensure, fees for processing applications, standards for the approval of preparation programs, reciprocal approval of preparation programs, and other related matters as the Board of Education may request or the Advisory Board may deem necessary. The final authority for licensure of school personnel shall remain with the Board of Education.

Board of Veterans Services

Source: Webpage

Advise the Director of the Department of Veterans’ Services on matters relating to veterans.

Board of the Virginia College Savings Plan

Source: Webpage

To administer the Virginia College Savings Plan established to enhance the accessibility and affordability of higher education for all citizens of the Commonwealth.

Board of Trustees Virginia Retirement System

Source: Website

Administer the Virginia Retirement System: a retirement system for teachers, state employees, and employees of local participating political subdivisions.

Western Virginia Public Education Consortium

Source: Website

Coordinate with organizations and agencies providing programs and services to Consortium schools division to reduce duplication and optimize use of available resources.

Commemorative Commission to Honor the Contributions of the Women of Virginia

Source: Website

The Commission shall determine and recommend to the General Assembly an appropriate monument in Capitol Square to commemorate the contributions of the women of Virginia. The Commission shall seek private funding for the operation and support of the Commission and the erection of an appropriate monument.

World War I and World War II Commemoration Commission

Source: Website

The Commission shall plan, develop, and carry out programs and activities appropriate to commemorate the 100th anniversary of World War I and the 75th anniversary of World War II.


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