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The Virginia onAir Hub is managed by students supporting Virginians to become more informed about and engaged in local, state, and federal politics while facilitating more civil and positive discussions with their representatives, candidates, and fellow citizens.

  • Virginia onAir is one of 50 state governance and elections hubs that the US onAir Network is providing to help reinvigorate US democracy.  This post has short summaries of current state and federal representatives with links to their complete Hub posts.  Students curate post content from government, campaign, social media, and public websites.  Key content on theVirginia Hub is also replicated on the US onAir nations Hub at:
  • Virginia students will be forming onAir chapters in their colleges and universities to help curate Virginia onAir content.  As more students participate and more onAir chapters are started, we will expand to include more state and local content as well as increase the number of aircasts – student-led, livestreamed, online discussions with candidates, representatives, and the public.

Find out more about Who Represents Me in Virginia
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2-minute vision video about the US onAir network

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OnAir Membership

To become an onAir member, all that is required  is your first and last name, and a “.edu” email address.

Your real name and any other profile information will NOT be displayed unless you choose to do so. Your personal information is NOT shared with any other website or organization.

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US onAir Internships

US onAir Internships

US onAir internships are sponsored and supervised by Democracy onAir, a nonpartisan, student-focused, 501c3 nonprofit providing trusted information on governance and elections and an online town square to facilitate more civil, collaborative democracies.  Over the past four years with the help of George Mason University faculty, staff, and alumni, Democracy onAir has been working with over 40 student interns to develop the US onAir network of 50 state governance and elections Hubs and national US onAir Hub. 

The fall 2022 US onAir Internship program is designed to help US students and the public become more informed and engaged voters for the November 2022 elections. Many of our recent interns have continued working with Democracy onAir in management positions.

We encourage student interns to integrate their internship with their intern courses for credit, class projects, capstone projects, and research work.  All work is done online and unpaid.

Next semester our plan is to have some paid fellowships as well as new onAir networks in democracies throughout the world with a focus on Asian democracies such as South Korea, India, and Taiwan. 

Contact for more information.
Here is a 2 minute video about US onAir internship opportunities.

Supporting US onAir

Overview: There are many ways other than interning with US onAir that students and US citizens can engage with and support the US  onAir network and the  50 state governance and election Hubs.

  • Donate to Democracy onAir
  • Sponsor a post, category, or entire Hub
  • Purchase an Advocate membership and curate your own posts
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