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Virginia onAir is US onAir’s model of a curated state Hub. Over the past two years, George Mason University alumni, faculty, students, and staff through their GMU onAir chapter have led the development and testing of this Hub.

Virginia is located in the Southern region of the USA with Richmond as its capital. The Virginia General Assembly has 40 Senate members and 100 House of Delegate members. Ralph Northam is the current governor.  Mark Warner and Tim Kaine are its senators.

To view Virginia’s current political leaders, select the feature image or the post title above. To view leaders by position, select the three dots in the post title.

Select this link to view all US House members in a slide show.

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Current focus: US Senate races
Launch date:  September 22, 2020

To reinvigorate our imperiled democracy, US onAir is developing 50 curated, media rich online state governance and election Hubs and a central US Hub. We are supporting the US public to become more informed about and engaged in federal, state, and local politics while facilitating more civil and positive collaboration.

US onAir is a growing coalition of individuals and organizations creating a new kind of digital democracy network. Participation in US onAir is open to all US citizens and qualifying organizations. Democracy onAir, a nonpartisan 501c3 nonprofit, is providing the technology, curation, and organizational support needed to establish a dynamic, evolving network.

Our two minute vision video for the US onAir network is below:

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